Wednesday, May 20, 2015

yarn along

Well, silly me, I completely forgot to take a picture of the finished knits I was working on secretly the past few weeks, showing only glimpses here.  One of my most precious friends is expecting her first baby, a girl, in August and I couldn't wait for her baby shower!  I made a little heartwarmer and a baby Amanda hat from FrogTree Ewetopia. I loved it and enjoyed praying for this new life while knitting it up. 

I'm back to working on my Radiance shawl, where one row takes hours. I am looking at a new cowl too, to use up some gray Malabrigo in my stash. 

It was a busy week with some traveling so of course yesterday I took all the cupboard doors off and started painting again in the kitchen.  It felt good to move ahead with almost a full day at home to work on it! I am excited by the way the old grimy 70s look is slowly being replaced by a bright farmhouse kitchen.

In all the busy-ness, I still had time to finish "The Magician's Land" and picked up "All The Light We Cannot See" from the library after many recommendations. I am looking forward to starting it and hoping it's as good as so many have said!
Joining Yarn Along with Ginny this morning (but using the blogger app since our crummy country internet is down again at the moment, and I haven't figured out how to add links or adjust photo size...) 

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

yarn along: sweet sibella babe


The weather is mostly too warm where we live in Central Washington for woolen knit sweaters now but we had a cool day again last week, and have had a few since so I grabbed the opportunity to put Rosie in her birthday sweater.  The pattern is Sibella Babe Pullover by Carrie Bostick Hoge and it was my second time knitting a pattern by her.  I really love her patterns, they are really clear and easy to follow, and the yoke on this is so sweet and feminine with simple lines.  Rosie looks adorable in it. 

I'm still working on a few little secret knits; if you visit me on Ravelry you can see more details! (But, um, if you think you might be receiving a baby gift from me soon, you should probably not click through the link!)

I have several books going and I like to write a little about them because these posts are like a book journal that I never have time to keep.

a)  I am 2/3 of the way through The Magician's Land by Lev Grossman and am having a hard time putting it down each time I pick it up. It is really amazing.  

b)  I just bought The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Upwhich I read about in several various places online this week: first from Gretchen on last week's Yarn Along, and then from a friend on facebook and then another random blog that I was enjoying this week too!  It seemed only natural to check it out!  I'm only a few pages in so I can't comment in too much depth at this point.  

c)  I'm also listening to Sense and Sensibility, a couple chapters a week on CraftLit.  There is a line that has been ringing through my mind since I listened last week, spoken by Willoughby about Colonel Brandon: "He has threatened me with rain when I wanted it to be fine," So revealing of his true nature, which isn't apparent yet at this point in the story.  I forgot how much I love Jane Austen!

What are you knitting and reading this week?  I'm sharing at Ginny's Yarn Along, are you?

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

garden chicken party

(Picture taken by Lyddie)

It's been awhile since I shared pictures of our chicks and look how they've grown!  The guineas are losing their head feathers and their heads are turning blue.  The turkeys are also losing the feathers on their heads and getting bright red wattles and funny bumpy necks.  I have some hope that one of them is a tom because it seem to be developing a little faster and more dramatically than the other, but since there is a three week difference in age between the two, it's hard to tell for sure.  One of our chicken pullets, named Cleo (short for Cleopatra since she had vibrant eyeliner feathers when she was very young) has an interesting personality; she is very boldand since Lyddie has chosen her as the favorite, gets carried around a lot.  I'm not sure which came first - Lyddie's interest because of Cleo's personality, or Cleo's boldness because of her constant contact with humans. I can't wait for them to start laying late this summer because the five grown hens I have right now are, I think, starting to moult and their production has slowed way down again.  I've had bad luck with eggs this past year, and hopefully this reboot of our flock will help with that and we'll be back to having an overabundance. 

My garden is getting slowly planted, one little section every other day for the past week which means I have in some carrots, lettuce, spinach, beans, a couple rows of peas, some sunflowers, some strawberries with many other thing planned but not planted.  Our raspberries are going bananas and have many many flowers and bees buzzing around them all day.  I love having fresh raspberries through the summer, and my mouth is watering just thinking about it. 

I'm debating the best way to trellis peas because I've not yet found a system I like that is very cheap and very easy.  Do you have a favorite?

sweet tang

My little imp is two years old now.  How can it be?  

I'm still working on a secret knit that I will share more about later.  I love the yarn, it's Frog Tree Ewetopia; really soft and pretty.  Still reading The Magician's Land. It's good!  

This week Jesse built a bottom bunk for Millie onto Lyddie's mid-height lofted bed, and Rosie moved into the toddler bed and out of the crib. She is getting to be such a little girl and the baby is fading faster now.  Can I hold onto it a little longer, I wonder?  My heart swells with sweet pride and joy and aches with the tang of the quickly passing time. 

 It is clear to me that I have the most beautiful girls in the world.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

yarn along: mi avril

I got both little sweaters done, blocked, and wrapped up before each of my April birthdays!  Millie is showing off her Mi Avril which, while none too roomy, fits nicely for now.  Rosie is wearing an Oriental Lily my mom knit for her (might I note that it's a 6-9 month size dress but a size 2 tunic that still fitting great with leggings!), and Lyddie is wearing the Sorello also knit by my mom.  We have knits coming out our ears and I love it that way. 

I am working on a secret project that I will share more about in the future with FrogTree Ewetopia, and just happily started the final installment of The Magicians trilogy by Lev Grossman.  I am also listening to Sense and Sensibility on CraftLit, just slow listening with only a couple chapters released each week, and catching up on Twelfth Night on Chop Bard.  I forgot how completely witty and incredible Jane Austen's writing is, I had started to kind of underestimate her in my thoughts but she really was a perceptive and unique writer. 

Today is Rosie's second birthday and next week I'll have pictures of her Sibella Babe on her.  <3 and="" be="" birthday="" finding="" font="" for="" gardening="" happening="" house="" in="" knitting="" lots="" meantime="" nbsp="" new="" of="" our="" places="" sigh="" small="" the="" this="" toys="" week="" will="">

Joining the Yarn Along crowd at Ginny's blog and would love to hear from you what you're working on this week in my comments!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

yarn along: sweet things

Here I am nearly finished with Mi Avril, and none too soon, either, since my girlie's birthday is Friday!  I will finish it and have it blocked before then, since I have only five more rows of edging before casting off and weaving in the ends.  I hope she likes it, my little four year old fashionista!

I am still meandering my way through this installment of the Penderwicks while waiting for the third of The Magicians trilogy to arrive at the library. 

This week begins a shift in my mind to our outdoor life.  I have been weeding and pruning for several weeks but I today I am planning to get seeds in the garden and sunflowers along the fence and then... and then... my plans are too big and I am paring them down to what I hope will be a manageable size. 

Danger of frost appears to be over; we have had weather in the mid-80's this week. Usually I wouldn't think about putting sunflowers in for a few more weeks at least, but I'm placing my bet that it's safe now, at least for flowers.  I am going to plant them in a little flower bed across from our dining room window and maybe along the driveway and the idea of seeing bobbing heads of yellow right there all summer makes me smile since I spend so much time in that kitchen/dining room cooking and cleaning.  Each of my girls picked out a packet of flower seeds at the shop  -  pansies, marigolds, sunflowers.  I planted each girl's with her individually yesterday afternoon while the warm breeze whipped around us, and that time is a treasure, digging and weeding and planting alongside one another.  They fall asleep so quickly in this season with days full of sunshine and running and climbing.  I always think fall is my favorite season, until late spring arrives with all it's blustery warm freedom, that is.  Sweet, sweet things.

Linking up with Ginny for Yarn Along, as I have each week for the past two years.  It is a happy place for me and I hope it is for you, too.   

Tuesday, April 21, 2015 dot dot...



Happy birthday to my loves and the three of our sweet friends with birthdays
(My friend Neena made the hats.. and the adorable dot garland, and painted those stones for a gift to one of the six birthdays we celebrated.  Aren't they all darling?!  She is so talented!)