Monday, December 11, 2006

Our First Christmas

The season is brimming full with activities calling me this way and that. The month of November ended with the bang of a winter storm that forced me to stay home, and I admit I enjoyed being bound to the house for those few days. Then December entered mildly, with soft weather uncommon to this time of year. Today has brought the return of the howling wind and driving rain, with the chill creeping in at every nook and cranny of my coat, scarf, and hat. It makes me so glad to return to our little home.

I'm a decorator, a true "home-maker." I love my little home and I love making it. I find that home-making is a daily task, and one that I wish I had more time for, as I spend so much of my time away at the University. There are always challenges and tasks to be completed; right now, my laundry sits piled, folded by my gracious husband, in baskets stretching across the entry to our bedroom. A swathe of clean sheets, bundled together rather than folded, perches precariously atop clean shirts and jeans, socks, and underwear. I hope to put clothes away in the drawers and closet this evening so that I can begin the laundry process anew.

Our little home, this crowded apartment, is even further crowded at the moment with my many and sundry Christmas decorations. I take great delight in the beauty I believe my home has already achieved, thanks to countless giftings from my mother, who is also a true home-maker and decorator. Although not modern and chic, our nest is comfortable and cozy. My taste is largely "country" or "americana," - not terrifically rustic, but comfortable. We have four little artificial Christmas trees covered in twinkle lights and -best of all - a beautiful large tree in front of the sliding window in our living room. Hung with red, blue, and gold balls and a multitude of ornaments collected throughout my previous 22 Christmas seasons, it simply shouts "home" to me.

I hope in all of the comfort and beauty surrounding us, that I have been able to make a comfortable place for friends and family to come and celebrate the magnificent Incarnation - God-taking-on-flesh - event that so defines who I am as a believer. I hope that in all my pride and joy at making a lovely home for my husband and family/friends, my humble pride and joy is in the Great Lord who became a weak and lowly servant in order to bring true light into the world. My prayer is that this realization would be strong upon all who enter our home during this and every season, and that Jesse and I would ever be focused on sharing this Good News of Great Joy with those around us - including each other.

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