Thursday, June 14, 2007

Monday Menu "plan" again... late

So, yes, I realize it's Thursday. Oops. It's been my week off, so Monday I ran errands all day, Tuesday I slept and read all day, and yesterday I had a job interview and ran more errands. So as you can see if you scroll down through today's posts, I'm definitely playing catch up this afternoon. it's been fun and relaxing! So, this is a little bit of reflection on previously prepared meals thus far in the week with the rest of my plan.

So far:

Monday: Fettucine with spinach pesto, fresh green beans, and our weekly homemade sourdough bread (which, I must say is getting better and more sour with every week I keep the starter alive!). I made rhubarb pie over the weekend, which was SO yummy!

Tuesday: Black bean pizzas with roasted asparagus, strawberries and apricots, and delicious Berry Lemonade Jones Soda. The pizza was amazing - it only took 3 weeks or so for me to finally make it, but it was yummmy.

Wednesday: I went to a baby shower, so I started making Tuna Salad Nicoise and Jesse finished. I had taco salad at the shower.

Thursday: I'm trying to decide what recipe from my plan to make tonight. I think we'll have shrimp fried rice from Barb's blog. I made this a few weeks ago and it was a definite hit. Yum. Now I'm excited for dinner! I think I might also make Light'n'Tangy Asian salad to go with it.

Friday: Chicken with lemon and wine over baby spinach.

Saturday: Turkey paninis and salad

Sunday: Father's Day!! We're going over to mom and dad's and mom and I are making chicken and beef kabobs together for the men to grill on Dad's new grill. Mom's making a macaroni salad and I'm making dessert... not sure what yet. Mom said something with fruit or berries. Cobbler comes immediately to mind, but it would be fun to try something new!

I take such delight in food, baking, and cooking, sometimes I wonder if I shouldnt' have just done culinary school and tried to open a little bakery somewhere down the road. Of course, I know I made the right choice, but I really do love to bake and baking for other people especially. Maybe someday way down the road. What's life about if you don't have something to dream about happening years from now? ;)

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  1. MMM...that black bean pizza sounds good! Maybe I'll get around tro trying it one of these days. lol.
    thanks for sharing your menu. Better late than never! ;)