Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Time travel Tuesday - Halloween!

Annie hosts Time Travel Tuesday each week and I haven't participated for a while, but I have been thinking about some of my favorite Halloween memories this week, so it seemed like fun! She says:
This week we're traveling back to our most memorable Halloween. Did you dress up and go door to door growing up? What was your favorite costume?

Growing up, we always celebrated Halloween. I remember one year (or more?) we drove up to visit my grandparents and went trick-or-treating in their little neighborhood - I don't even remember what my costume was, but for some reason I remember that trip.
My mom usually made us costumes, sometimes really elaborate ones!! One year she made me a red cape and I was Little Red Riding Hood. One year she made me a mermaid costume, complete with silky pants that looked like a tail with fins at the end and a shirt with a purple "shell bra." I wore streamers in my hair and it was a fun year- I think we might have gone trick-or-treating with friends at the mall that year. :) One year my mom made a LOBSTER costume for my brother! It was huge with big claws and a head-covering.
I don't have any pictures... my mom has all of those pictures from when we were little still.
In high school I was often a 50's girl (I had a red poodle skirt with a record iron-on applique), a farmer (overalls and kerchief) or a girl from the Civil War era (I was a reenactor, so I already had all the trimmings and the dress!). During those later years, we typically went to the church to help at the Harvest Party we put on.
I haven't dressed up for a few years now - last year I spent Halloween commuting home from school in Seattle and then sitting in a cookie shop because when I got to the park and ride, I discovered I had a FLAT TIRE! What a bummer of a Halloween! It was my least favorite yet, to say the least.
This year I think we're going to some friends' for games and a movie or something. I wasn't going to dress up but now I'm wishing I had planned ahead. I want to be a 50's girl again! :-D
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  1. Great stories! I would love to see a picture of your Civil War costume! The lobster sounds hilarious! :D

  2. Those are some great stories. Off topic- I love the wedding pic in the car on your sidebar.

  3. A lobster? Wow!
    A flat tire on Halloween is a complete bummer!

  4. How great!! I'm gonna need to sew so I can make my wee ones cool costumes...I like the lobster idea!!

  5. Ha!Ha! I can't believe all the work I used to put into those costumes. My favorites were the mermaid,lobster, and mailman ones. I wish I had more time--I would dig for some of those pictures and post them!
    Love you--