Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ugly Day

I can't believe this ever happened,
I didn't think it ever could,
I'm the author of sappy love songs,
Trading in my bachelorhood.
Something snapped deep inside me,
Something that somebody said,
I felt the brush of angels wings then,
Your voice echoed in my head.

Ugly Day the sun is shining,
Every cloud's got a silver lining.
Ugly day the skies are blue,
Now every day is ugly without you.

Are the one pure thing,
That I've always prayed for.
Scales are falling from my eyes,
I must have been so blind before.
I would lie down on the street,
To keep the dust off of your feet,
I would kneel each time I kissed you,
Anything Christie I miss you.

Today was an ugly one,
Just like all the others.
All the flowers and the birds,
Making me feel smothered.
I would lie down on the street,
To keep the dust off your feet,
I would kneel each time I kissed you,
Anything Christie I miss you
--Five Iron Frenzy, Ugly Day

My husband has always really liked the band Five Iron Frenzy, although I didn't have that much exposure to them when I was younger. However, he has since made sure I have been exposed to their creative lyrics, excellent musicianship, and beautiful and unique spirit of worship.

This song came to mind today because it is a crisp fall day filled with rays of sun pushing through the leaves clinging tenaciously to the branches of fiery trees but I am inside doing my best to fight off impending doom. I woke up in the middle of last night coughing, a sure warning that my body needs to rest before it rebels by catching every germ, virus, and bacteria that comes through the therapy center. I've resigned myself to being sick at least 50% of this next year, since my immune system hasn't been so devilishly exposed to childhood illnesses for many years now.

Despite the ugly day, it's been a peaceful morning filled with blog reading (others) and updating (my own). I began the project of revamping my blog months ago but hadn't had a chance to finish the job, leaving strange and unfitting pink icons scattered through the sidebar and footer. I think I've eradicated all pink from my blog except those weird little quote icons in the footer of each post. Alas, I couldn't find them for the life of me, so I quit and decided to write instead.

This weekend was insanity, and looking back, it's no wonder my body is screaming. Saturday I cleaned all day until we went out to a movie and dinner. Sunday, we got up early and finished cleaning since we were planning to have a couple people over for lunch. The house was a true hurricane. I wish I knew how it gets as messy and scary as it does; I'm not a lazy homemaker, but for some reason, I always seem to be the loser in the clutter war. At any rate, it cleaned up nice, we headed to church for a much-appreciated morning of worship and grace, and then two friends came over for fried rice. Right after they left late in the afternoon, another set of friends wanted to get together, so my friend Shelan came over while our husbands and another friend went shooting together at the range. Since we had no interest on the Lord's Day in shooting, we occupied ourselves with the much more feminine activity of preparing dinner and watching a part of a chick flick. The guys got back and stayed quite late. I went over to another friend's house after they left around 9:30 because had a really hard day/week and just needed a friend.

When all was said and done, it was a really satisfying day, filled with fellowship but very little rest... so I'm making up for it now, I guess.

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