Wednesday, July 08, 2009

We're having a...

We're having a baby GIRL! A daughter!

I am so excited... we have a name all picked out but we are keeping it a secret for now. But I promise it's a cute name...

I have been trying to figure out how to scan the ultrasound pictures to post but haven't been able to figure out our newfangled printer/scanner, so I will try again tomorrow night when Jesse can help me. She is beautiful and the ultrasound was totally surreal - we could see the chambers of the heart, the bloodflow, the stomach, the profile, her arm and leg bones... amazing!

They weren't able to get a great picture of her kidneys and the pictures are pretty grainy because of her position (right against the placenta) so they have scheduled me for another ultrasound on Friday, July 17th to get clearer pictures of her kidneys just to make sure. When I asked if there was any reason to be concerned, the OB said no - just want to make sure we get a good picture.
So... DARN, I have to see my baby again! :)

In other news, one of our cats, Amos, ran away this week - he pushed out a screen in a window and took off... he hasn't been seen since. We're trying to decide what to do, but Chloe (see below) is so lonely and pathetic - and frantic for attention the entire time we're at home. We've considered getting a new cat in a few weeks if he's not back yet. My mom thinks that we're crazy since we're expecting a baby but so far, cats have been pretty low-maintenance for us, and we know someone who knows someone having kittens, so we could be selective and not take one from the animal shelter...I was sad and feel abandoned by my first baby - but not surprised, since I think he was a feral cat to start with and never really developed a relationship with us.

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  1. a girl! we like girls. we have five of 'em. :-) plenty o' pink.
    hey! my family and I are going to be up in WA in August. Any chance we could meet? We'll be on the Kitsap side mostly, but hope to cross over, too...
    send me a note if you want...