Thursday, October 01, 2009

33 weeks and life

It's amazing to think that I am due in just 7 weeks, and technically will be full term in 5. Everyone said the last trimester would go really slowly but I have not found that to be the case. I actually sort of wish life would slow down just a little so I could really enjoy this time and prepare for this baby but instead, I feel the opposite! I worried that I would just hate being pregnant, but again, I'm surprised because I do feel like I'm enjoying it most of the time still, even though I'm so tired all the time.

Part of our fast-paced life includes the fact that we are moving to a different apartment complex in four weeks. We currently live about 2 blocks away from the Green River, which, due to structural damage in a nearby dam, is predicted to flood this year. Since being flooded with a newborn sounded unappealing, as did moving at the end of December when our lease is up, we started praying for a few specific things: a place to move that would give us one month of free rent so we could afford to break our current lease in October or November, a place with cheaper rent but just as much room (e.g., 2 bedrooms), and not too far from where we have been living so we could stay close to family, church, work, etc. We spent a good amount of time on our recent vacation discussing and praying about this and Jesse decided to start looking to see what was out there. Lo and behold, just up the hill from us, about 2 minutes away, an apartment complex was offering a special for just $99 depost/move in costs, free rent for the first month, 10 more sq ft than our current place, and $160 less in rent each month. We went to look at the place and were really pleased - all the units have been recently renovated to include new carpet, new stainless steel appliances, huge storage options, washer/dryer in unit... everything we needed. The complex itself isn't as pretty as the one we're living in now (near a bunch of man made lakes) but it is up the hill, looks family friendly, and meets all our other hopes. They even agreed to hold the special for us until we could move in Oct 31st, so we took it. It seemed too obvious to pass up.

So now we're packing and sorting, cleaning, and preparing to move just 2 weeks before our baby is due on November 16. Jesse has been so good at making sure I'm not doing much of the actual work but it's hard not to feel like a complete bum when he's working so hard. It's better to play it safe, though, and keep in good health and rest, so I've been taking it as easy as I can, especially since I'm still working about 36-40 hours each week. That alone completely drains me, not to mention all the support raising we've been doing (which Jesse does most of as well...)

There are so many changes afoot in our life right now that I truly have to cling to Matthew 6:34 -
"Therefore, do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble."
Earlier in that same passage, it states that our heavenly Father knows we need "all these things" (food, clothes, shelter, etc) as a reason why we should not be anxious, so today, I try to rest in His promise that He knows our needs, will continue to provide for all our needs, including health, money, shelter, food, clothes, and even rest. All things work together for the good of those who are called...

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  1. I can't believe you're moving that close to your due date! That will be crazy... But I'm so glad you found a great place!!! :) Are you planning on staying home with the baby? Or are you going back to work? I don't think I;ve ever heard what your plans are...