Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Evidence That Daddy Needs More Sleep

Dear Adelaide,

Because of your crazy sleep schedule in addition to our early morning flights to and from Spokane, your parents have not been getting enough sleep, although I have actually been sleeping pretty well since you go back to bed after your early morning feeding. Daddy, on the other hand, has it much worse, since he always has to go to work so early. If you have ever played the Sims computer game and can remember what an over-tired Sim who gets waken up before it's fully rested looks like, that's a good picture of your daddy in the morning. If you haven't played it, I'll describe it: grabbing his head and writhing, unintelligible grumbling and (probable) cursing under his breath, and quiet stomping around the house. This picture also can be seen late at night if he has had afternoon coffee and can't fall asleep. This is not very fun for him or for your mommy, since she worries that it will wake you and the whole routine will start over again.
The best evidence that daddy is not getting enough sleep is when he goes out to his truck to go to work and has to make four trips into the house to get stuff he forgot. For example, this morning, he came back in a second time for his phone and a third time for his wallet, leaving his truck running. When he went back out, he discovered that he had locked the only key we have in the running truck (the other key is with my parents who drove us to the airport (yes, I know we should have more than two keys and I think this will be remedied soon)). He then had to call into work and tell them he would be late and wait for the locksmith to come and get his key out of his (still running) truck.
And when I called him at work, his main concern with this ordeal was that he was going to have to work later and probably wouldn't get home early enough for a good nap.

See? Poor daddy. I know everyone feels bad for new mommies but I think he is suffering from the lack of sleep much more than I am! Maybe you should try sleeping a little earlier, sweet girl, and also not insisting that daddy is the one who helps you fall asleep. Mommy can do that job too, you know.

Your mommy

P.S. I would much prefer to see this face each morning than the one described above

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  1. HA! Hilarious! :P
    Good luck to you both! I remember how hard it was in the beginning... And will be fully refreshed tomorrow morning! :) With Cohen, he only wanted to sleep in Daddy's arm in our bed for the first whole month... Made it hard for Daddy to get the sleep he needed, too. Poor Daddies! :(

  2. Oh, man! The beginning is soooo hard! Hang in there-it gets better!!! I promise! :)
    (The Lumberjack's Wife)

  3. Welcome to parenthood! :)

    I have a husband, however, who has the amazing ability to sleep soundly throughout all unhappy baby noises. Even if the baby is crying in the same room. He still sleeps. Therefore, I am always the sleep deprived Sim. And since I have billions of other children, napping is out of the question.

    So Jesse, I feel ya. Coffee. Drink much coffee.