Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Eve Lackaplans

Here we are last on the edge between this year and the next. This year sure will look different than all our previous years. Tonight is a good demonstration of that. See, last year at this time, I was frantically cleaning and preparing fondue goodies for a great party we had. No babies were in attendance at the time, except my friend Shelan's baby in utero, who is now 9 months old. Here's a few of our friends who came. See? No babies:

Just food, friends, games, sparklers, champagne and sparkling cider and raucous fun.

And did I mention we were getting ready to go to a balmy Mexico village for a week in January for missionary training where we would enjoy summery weather and eat fresh oranges and homemade Mexican cooking by the sweet woman who hosted us?

This year, we are opting to stay in (I think) since Jesse has to work at 7 in the morning and I am baby-sitting a friend's almost-7 month old around the same time. Not that we think we're going to be in bed before midnight, since we are parents of Miss Crabby-Pants who refuses to even blink her eyes before 1 am most nights. And guess what? Staying in sounds glorious (as long as I don't think about Mexico). I am thinking about making some Chex mix and maybe some other goodies to go with our Very Exciting Sparkling Cider. We have a movie from Netflix waiting for us.

Although it might be hard to make a cool sparkler photo for 2010 with just the two of us. Do you think Adelaide might be able to grasp a sparkler yet?

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  1. We always celebrate my daughter's birthday and then we are just too tired and go to sleep!