Friday, April 02, 2010

Breakfast in Bed (or The Morning of Mess)

Parmesan-Corn Bread Muffins
Once upon a time, a Little Family returned home after a weekend away asking people for money. Because they got back late Sunday evening they decided to rest and clean and prepare for company all day Monday since they had guests coming that night.
Now, it was a great rarity that the Little Wife arose in the morning before her Husband. Of course, she often got up to feed the baby but then she climbed back in bed, letting Husband rise for the day before she did. That fateful Monday was different. It was an excellent opportunity for Little Wife to surprise her Husband.
She got up with Baby early and let Husband keep sleeping. She changed the Baby (noticing while doing so that Husband didn't put the disposable diaper on securely and it was around Baby's knees, warranting an entire crib clean-up and new clothes for Baby. She chuckled as she cleaned up). She got Baby dressed, fed Baby, and played with Baby. Then she made coffee (spilling coffee grounds all over the floor while trying to open the new coffee package, warranting a good sweep through the kitchen) and started making muffins.

"I hope Husband sleeps longer," she thought, "so I can surprise him with breakfast in bed!"

He did indeed sleep through Baby fussing, talking, screaming, and being put down for a nap. By then it was the ripe old hour of 8:30 and the muffins were finished baking. Little Wife carefully balanced the muffins and two cups of coffee, along with the butter dish, on a tray, knowing that one of the coffee cups was slightly precarious. She slooooowly carried the tray into the bedroom, and just as she was setting down the tray on the little table...


One of the coffee cups tipped over, spilling onto the floor, onto clothes in Husband's open dresser drawer (why was it open anyway, can't anyone close drawers around here?), and into the bottom of the tray. Whispering curses, she desperately tried to remove the muffins from the tray before the coffee made its way around the bottom of the butter dish and destroyed her morning's work.
Hearing those whispered curses, Husband rolled over, observing his Crazy Little Wife in her nightshirt throwing muffins around the room and muttering to herself.
Crazy Wife looked up, noticed he was awake and greeted her Husband.

"Happy s***ty morning. I want to cuss my brains out," she stated, and stormed out of the room.

Halfway to the kitchen, she started giggling, quickly retrieved a towel to mop up the mess, and dashed back to the bedroom in hysterics. A relieved looking Husband switched on the lamp to see what the commotion was about and by the time the mess was more-or-less cleaned up, the two were roaring with laughter.

(Please note: This language is really not like Crazy Little Wife, but waking up once or twice every night with Baby Dear really brings out the best in her.)

The two giggled their way through a lovely breakfast.

And the muffins weren't even damp.

The End.

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  1. Ha! Well, glad you had a good laugh over it all!

  2. Oh my dear Sarah- I am trying to imagine you cursing and I just can't! :D Sleep deprivation is lovely, isn't it? I think I've been sleep deprived for the past 8 years.

  3. Well, we did have a good laugh, which I'm learning to do more and more over time rather than fly into a real tantrum! I guess that's progress, right?
    I think I must project a fake too-sweet image of myself to others, but it's really accidental... I am quite rough around all the edges. Well, except for my squishy soft curves. haha

  4. Now THAT is hilarious! It is so true, though - gotta laugh or you may just lose it! Totally get it :)