Friday, April 23, 2010

Lonely today. I don't usually get lonely at home, but since my car is broken down and I have been watching two babies the last couple days, I haven't gotten out even for errands. And then I saw a post on facebook today by an acquaintance about a fun walk she took with a few other acquaintances, and I realized how jealous I was. I can't do stuff like that most of the week since I have both babies and the other baby's parents prefer me to stay home with her. I usually do have the go-ahead to take them both to the women's Bible study at church on Thursdays but couldn't get there because of the babies and the car.
So. This week has felt especially long and lonesome. Not to mention the looming cloud of a new car purchase we are trying to figure out how to afford, making it even harder to frivolously spend money on anything fun.

At least the babies will be napping soon so I can have some chill time and read or watch a movie and knit or something fun. And Jesse said he would bring me home a treat to help this afternoon go a little faster. I love Karis and having two babies to play with but it is a lot of work, especially when I can't take them anywhere.

Ah well. Tomorrow will be a new day. Tonight and tomorrow is the women's conference at our church so I will have some grown up time and Lyddie will stay home with Jesse.

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  1. Sorry you are lonely. :( A walk outdoors would help . . . maybe sometime soon they will be comfortable with that.

    Have fun at your conference!