Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Dear Maintenance Men,

We have four requests at this time.

First, the window in our baby's bedroom is cracked. I'm not sure how this happened, but my guess is that it's related to the ancient, crummy windows with aluminum frames. I don't care all that much if you fix it at this time, as long as you know about it in advance so we don't get charged for it when we eventually move out.

Second, the sink in our bathroom is clogged. My husband cleaned out our bathtub drain last week but is not going to spend the time to unclog the sink as well, especially since it's probably gunked up from before our move-in.

Third, the water pressure in our kitchen sink is really low. Why is this? I can't even hypothesize about this one.

And, my favorite and the most puzzling. The paint on the bathtub in our second bathroom is peeling, leaving a slightly gray tone in its stead. This mainly concerns me because I bathe my child in this tub and would prefer to know that she's not swallowing who knows what kind of paint. I didn't even know that paint could peel off bathtubs.

Please help us. You are wonderful and one of the few redeeming factors about apartment living.
Love always,

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  1. Good luck. Maintenance can be a real pain...

    Marla @