Monday, December 13, 2010

O Tannenbaum!

Last week we picked out and decorated our Christmas tree. What an adventure with a baby-turned-toddler. There is no doubt in my mind that she's my daughter, given the wonderful stubborn streak appearing from her sweet little disposition! She's actually been an angel with the tree now that the decorations are on, but oh boy! Putting them on the tree was NOT in her plan!

Lyddie toddling around the tree lot. We were going to be adventurous and cut our own tree from the forest but given the amount of snow being dumped in the mountains, we decided to just do the easy route this year.

Every year we carry my family's tradition of fancy snacks for dinner on the night we decorate our tree. You can see that Lyddie likes to help me in the kitchen, especially when chocolate is involved (another proof that she's my very own daughter!). We made chex mix, tingaling cookies, summer sausage, cheese, crackers, oranges, and grapes. Yummy!
Not without drama.... wish her whole face was included but you get the idea. We say "no no" a lot these days.

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