Saturday, December 01, 2012

December Snapshots

I neglect this blog but that's life.  Oh well!  I do think I prefer using the blog to share bulk pictures, though, rather than facebook!  Partly so I can look back through with more detailed commentary on our life!
Adelaide Renee, 3

 Amelia Kay, 19 months

Making bagel mini pizzas for lunch!  Lyddie did NOT want her baked and ate it cold.  And Millie is my picky eater and wasn't too interested in actually eating it once assembled but did want to eat each ingredient on its own.

 I love finding ideas on some momma blogs that give me activities to pull out for the girls when I'm trying to make dinner or need to make a phone call.  This one is great - Lyddie (3) enjoyed it for a longer period of time than Millie (19 months) but that might be because there was only one colander and L kept wanting to pull them all out and start over.  Definitely a keeper of an activity, though!

On the hunt for our Christmas tree (pre-disaster)

 Hey, remember that Friday night that Millie tipped over on her side into a huge puddle while daddy and mommy were trying to cram the Christmas tree into the back of the car? And then had to get stripped down completely to remove her drenched pants and onesie in 30 degree weather all while screaming bloody murder? And then had to ride half naked in her carseat covered by sweaters all while the back window was wide open to allow for the extra 6 inches of tree that didn't fit into the car, while the rear vents refused to blow warm air in spite of the fact that they were blowing nice hot air on the way to pick out the tree? Yeah, I wish I didn't remember that one either... 

Here is the aftermath in the car - note the sweaters on her upper and lower halves.  No pants - and no socks but her boots did stay dry inside!  Poor baby, she recovered pretty quickly - much more quickly than I would have if it had been me falling in a puddle!

 Our decorating tradition - hors d'oeuvres for dinner and then ornaments everywhere!

 Lyddie couldn't wait to start pulling out the ornaments; she is so fun this year and really completely understands everything that is going on.

About as good as most of our family pictures turn out anymore!

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