Monday, May 27, 2013

Like a Light Switch

Sometimes I feel a little like I'm on a rollercoaster riding through this life with sweet Millie.  She moves from happy-as-a-clam to fiercely upset faster than I can blink, and when she does, her fabulous and extensive vocabulary disappears.  But oh, I love her so much.

You could say, I suppose, that I love her so much that I am unwilling to excuse this as "just" her personality.  It is a significant part of her personality and there are beautiful things that come with her personality:  her affectionate nature, her sensitive and intuitive way of approaching others who are upset, her quiet observation that gives way to goofy excitement in the safety of home.  But we are working hard with her on changing the habit of immediate tears and whining when she doesn't get her way.

Whew, it is hard work most days, and like running a marathon, but the small successes she makes are greatly celebrated and I treasure them up with such joy and pride in her hard work.  Like the very recent return to happy potty-training as we backed off and waited for her own readiness after the baby came.  Or that morning yesterday when she had a "happy heart" throughout all her play.  She may not notice her growth but I try hard to notice and bring her attention to it rather than letting the moments pass and always focusing on areas with room to grow.  The glimpses of great beauty along the path we are running together aid us both when the trees again seem to block the view.


  1. I wish I'd look as cute when I'm pouting, haha :D
    Have a wonderful (tear-free) day!

  2. I have no idea how she could be pouting while wearing that super cute knit jumper! She has the most amazing color of hair.

  3. She looks so cute even with her tear stained face, those pictures in particular are so precious ! I found my own wee Elizabeth was in this stage and is coming out of it now just as she turns 3 next month. One minute so happy and go lucky and the next tears like the whole world had just fallen down !