Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Maybe Tomorrow

My hands were never quiet today, and yet my simple to-do list went by the wayside. That one load of laundry waiting from yesterday did get folded but not put away.  Dinner did come together but not early enough to make the crockpot meal I had intended. The shower I meant to grab mid day during rest time didn't happen until 8 pm. The toys never fully got picked up. The mail and bills never got fully sorted.
Instead, I did every necessary task one handed while bouncing a baby in the other arm. I changed diapers, changed clothes, changed swimsuits, changed shoes and sandals. I sat nearby watching splashes in the pool.  I made a lunch that even included a vegetable.  I got all three girls out the door for a short but sweet time at Kids Club in the nearby housing projects. I got to hug a dear friend and her sweet daughters, watch my girls blend into a sea of Native brown arms and faces, and belt out "My God is So Big" and rejoice aloud that "He's got Jessica and Chalea in His hands."
My girls went to bed with soft caresses and the words of my favorite hymns ringing in their ears, which I pray will drown out the snapping and fretting I did at them earlier in the day when I was too focused on my agenda and the lack of check marks on that short but unnecessary list. Maybe tomorrow my to-do list will go like this:

smell clean baby hair
read stories three times through the day
hold the baby
make lunch
gently caress that soft pink cheek
kiss owies
rock the baby
pull over a chair for two "helpers" during dinner preparations
swaddle the baby with a fresh blanket
take a few pictures

Yes, that list looks entirely workable.

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  1. Oh I have those days too when you work, work, work yet the to do list barely shrinks. But a full life isn't always a bad thing.