Friday, June 14, 2013

World View

 This week we took our family on a little evening hike through a beautiful part of the area.  It was about an hour drive to the trail access, but the three mile trail was hardly populated; we passed only one couple for the first leg.  It got a little busier later into the evening since it is outside of a college town, but compared to the hikes I was used to in the Seattle area, was still basically void of people. 

 We enjoyed the scenery from rocky cliffs to forests, creeks, and rushing waterfalls.  I love the special memories we make as a family as we walk together, splash in water together, picnic together.  On top of that, Jesse and I really love nature and all it can teach us about God and His creation, so hiking and camping at least a little each year is important to us. It brings up such natural opportunities to share different aspects of God's character with our children who are so sharp and observant. His attention to detail on the bumblebee's body, His love of beauty in the hidden flower, His majesty in the thundering waterfall; none of this is wasted. As we view the world together, our worldviews and our daughters' worldviews are shaped and changed to appreciate the loveliness of all He has made and our responsibility toward it.    

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