Thursday, July 11, 2013

Backyard Camping

Tonight my big girls are having a camp out in the backyard with daddy.  They have been planning it with him since yesterday and I think I heard nothing else today besides excited chatter about camping with daddy in the tent tonight.  The adventure came complete with s'mores roasted over our fire pit, "scary" stories (as scary as 2-3 year olds can enjoy, that is), a late bedtime, and apparently at 11:30 pm, our sprinklers mysteriously coming on.  Poor Jesse had to make a mad dash through the water to turn them off.  At least the tent stayed all dry inside and the girls stayed asleep.  This is a good dry run for when we take all three camping next month, although Rosie and I are inside tonight, which will add another level of lunacy to the trip.
And yes, poor Millie is bitten and bruised and scraped... she looks like a regular outdoorsy little munchkin with all her mosquito bites and evidences of her too-brave spirit.  I sure love her!


  1. Oh my what fun !! That just looks like a barrel fun of it. Hope you all enjoy your camping trip next month.

  2. Love backyard camping!