Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Finished and then...not - Yarn Along

This week I finished my Sunday sweater for Lyddie but I had shortened the body of the sweater since she's such a shorty and following recommended pattern sizes usually end up swimming on her but in the end I decided I wanted it it longer after all.  Sooooo I am in the process of tinking the hem (just six rows, I'm halfway through) and then will add a couple more inches to the body.  I am trying to gauge how much length I can add based on how much yarn I have left - hopefully at least enough for one more inch but if not I will have to call my LYS to see if she has another skein.  I think it's a lovely sweater and it really gives me immense pleasure to watch it come together.  I also popped out another quick dishcloth while trying to decide whether I was going to undo the bind-off and add length.

I'm a little behind this morning because I had an early morning follow up doctor's appointment regarding my blood pressure.  Last month we decreased my dose of medication by half in hopes to taper off and that's been going swell; it was encouraging to hear the words "not one of these blood pressures from home would fall into the hypertension category"! Praise God!  I did have a few moderate numbers, maybe related to my body still adjusting down to the current dose, so I am going to stay on the medication at this dose for another month and keep monitoring it with the idea that if things continue looking good we will taper down further experimentally. At this point we're basically trying to determine if the hypertension was pregnancy induced or if I have an underlying hypertension.  I am feeling peaceful about the direction of this doctor and like his "take it slow and monitor" decisions.  

Our whole family has rotated through an illness this week and I think are finally through with the bug.  Happily, Rosemary didn't come down with it but poor Jesse was laid out for three days with a fever and yesterday just finally started feeling a little better.  Whew... This week has been a doozy!  We are leaving on a much needed family getaway next Monday and we will hopefully get some version of rest ("family getaway" does NOT mean vacation and relaxation, as all mothers know).

I am still reading On the Dark Sea of Darkness by Andrew Peterson and enjoying it. I started reading The Magician's Elephant by Kate DiCamillo and am again struck by the amazing beauty of her writing, her symbolism, her stories and her incredible characters. So. GOOD.

Look at this drool trail! While we were all sick, Rosemary decided to start really working on her teething.  She is just a little bit more fussy than usual and her naps are shorter than usual, which could also be just her getting a little older. Poor little lovey; she is of course most uncomfortable starting right when I head into the kitchen to start making dinner all the way through to bedtime. 

At any rate, I'm feeling overwhelmed with life right now; there's nothing like the constant touching and pressing needs of three young ones to make a momma feel just a little overstimulated and stressed.  I feel like I hardly turn from one task and am faced with another slightly overwhelming task.  I guess everyone feels like this sometimes but on just a few hours of sleep at night, it can be hard to keep perspective.  Knitting helps me do that by giving me something to do that I just plain enjoy and there is no real stress, pressure, or timeline on it.  I am hoping adding consistent exercise into my routine will help as well.  

Joining up with Ginny for her Yarn Along!  Can't wait to get a chance (maybe during naptime?) to pop around and see what everyone else is working on!


  1. Oh my, the last image pinched my heart- I hope everyone is well- a mother of 4 I know it's not easy. Love your little cardi- very beautiful.

    1. I know, every time I see that picture my heart goes ka-THUD and I want to go pick her up and give her snuggles, even if she's currently happily sleeping! haha! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. teething is just the worst :( I hope she feels better and boy am I glad that your blood pressure is good with lower medicine, isn't that wonderful! Love the sweater and I had to shorten sweaters when my daughter was a tiny one.

  3. Really love the Sunday Sweater your doing and I hope you get that extra inch. I've this lined up for my girls after another Milo, the yarn arrived yesterday for it so I can't wait as looking at yours it looks so nice. I to have a family of shorties what with Caoimhe who's 9 measuring for the year 6 Milo ! EEkkk. I'm sorry to hear you were all under the weather and hope the bug is gone. What a relief Rosemary didn't get it as nothing is quite as bad as a little one so young catching it but she's getting lots of immunity from Mom. Hope your hypertension continues to drop and slow and steady sounds like a great plan. Enjoy your vacation, by the sounds of it you could use it and yes it's not rest and relaxation but the change of air can often be enough to just do the trick. I'd say what your feeling is pretty normal, your an extremely busy Mom to three young children and surviving on very little sleep. That doesn't make it easier I know and I'm glad your knitting helps. We Moms need just a mini break to just collect our thoughts for the next round of jobs. Take care.

  4. Poor little darling...teething is a real pain. Hope she doesn't struggle with it too much.

    Beautiful sweater! Hopefully you'll have just enough yarn to add the inches you want to!

    I've enjoyed reading The Magician's Elephant too! Kate Dicamillo is one of my son's favorite authors too. I'm going to have to take a look at that other book you're reading and see if it's something I'd also enjoy! :)

    Happy knitting!

    1. I just requested On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness from my library! Definitely looks like one I will enjoy! :)

  5. Your sunday sweater looks wonderful!
    I hope you all feel better and enjoy your getaway x