Tuesday, September 24, 2013

In Threes and Amethyst Slippers

I am nearly done with Amelia's In Threes cardigan this week.  I really like this idea for cross stitch on the sweater from Alicia Paulson and might try it with my In Threes at the yoke and hem.  Isn't that a pretty idea?  I never really do much with my finished product but I find that she has such tasteful and simple embellishments to many of her garments that add a lot of charm and beauty. 

I finished a pair of slippers for Amelia too, as she has been begging for "puhple slippers" for weeks now.  I had a hard time finding a simple slipper pattern for toddlers that I liked and went ahead with modifications for the Magic Slippers pattern on ravelry.  Not IN LOVE with them but she loves them and that's what matters the most.  If you read this and know of a sweet slipper pattern for toddler shoe sizes, please let me know! .  I think I will like them better with the addition of a little button or some such doodad.  

I celebrated my thirtieth birthday this week and got lots of fun yarn and yarn money so I will be excited to do a little shopping soon!  My lovely husband also gave me Knit Picks Options, their interchangeable needle set.  I have been trialing one that I purchased for the In Threes and I really love them!  I did find I needed to use the little screw to tighten them just once but after I tightened them, haven't had any problems with it coming apart for the entire project!  I am excited for those to arrive in the mail soon. 

I finished Little House in the Big Woods this week and started it over with Lyddie.  She understands and is enjoying it although I have to interject a lot of explanations for history and occasionally vocabulary.  She is convinced we need to make a contraption like Pa's so we can smoke meat.  Jesse and I are reading The Penderwicks of Gardam Street aloud in the car on our travels and I am trying to decide what to read next.  I might read The Search for Delicious by Natalie Babbit (same author as Tuck Everlasting, which I enjoyed a few weeks ago) or Mountains of Spices by Hannah Hurnard, both of which I saw on my mom's shelf when I was looking at what she had stashed away.  Little House on the Prairie will be coming up soon as well.  

Can't wait to read what others are working on and reading this week! I love joining up with Ginny for her Yarn Along every Wednesday.  Won't you come along?


  1. happy birthday! love your slippers and of course that purple color!!

  2. Happy Birthday! I love getting yarn money :) Thanks for the reminder that I intended to make that cardi too. Visiting from farmishmomma.com

  3. Happy 30th! My 50th is right around the corner...these b-days that mark decades are interesting ones. :) Your in threes is coming along beautifully -- that color is so pretty!