Thursday, September 05, 2013

Recently, Around the House

I have been doing my best to carry on capturing the moments of my life even though I haven't had time to post them.  The last month has been very busy for me with a lot of traveling and I finally felt like I was catching up earlier this week.  There is so much to be done around the house and out in the garden and yard!  I find this third baby has impacted so much and I am having to rework some of my thinking and finding new ways to accomplish things - not because she is a fussy or difficult baby, but I guess because I have three children under four! Speaking of this third baby, she is looking so grown up!  Here's Rosemary the other day at 4 months (already!)

I bought a big burlap sack of corn the other day in order to blanch, cut it off the cob and freeze it in portions.  Jesse dislikes corn other than fresh, but after I froze some last year, he was happy to eat it and I was actually able to put some in soups in the winter without feeling like it might ruin it for him.  That alone made the work worth it, but I do think I saved a little money too.  Well, actually not, because I just wouldn't buy much corn otherwise.   I never realized how good at shucking a two and three year can be, and I will be employing their services from now on!  I did the whole process outside on my little outdoor camp kitchen this time.  I stayed much cooler on a hot day!

Millie sure has style, don't you agree?  
She is getting her two year molars right now and she has always been a really difficult teeth-er, so there are many tears and much grumpiness (some mine) in our house right now, poor sweetheart.  The nearby hops fields are also being harvested which triggers all of our allergies, so she's miserable all around.  I love watching her grow and change in so many ways.  She has the most infectious giggle and I miss hearing it more often, but probably treasure it all the more right now since it's a little more rare.

I have a friend with five children who lives nearby and I just love watching my girls play with her kids like cousins.  They are truly family, our church family!  Kristen loves to play with Millie.  

 Rosemary is four months now and reminds me a lot of Lyddie in some ways, but is even more easy-going.  Her cues are easy for me to read which I think makes a baby feel "easy."  She is not very fussy but when she does fuss I rarely have to do much problem-solving to figure out what's wrong, which I appreciate.  Not all of my munchkins have been quite that way.  

Lyddie is my helper and is learning learning learning!  I am working hard to make sure to spend individual time with each girl, but especially with her since I can tell a big difference in how she feels about life and others when we have had even just ten minutes doing something special alone each day.  I can't believe she will be four this fall.   She now watches carefully out the window when we drive and peppers me with questions and comments about what she is seeing.  She notices tiny details and makes all kinds of connections; like yesterday when she noticed another Ford and commented on the fact that they have the same "thing" (logo) on their car as we do on our Expedition.  And when she asked about a "Bike Lane Ends" sign, leading into a whole conversation about the bike lane.  She is almost writing her own name now and her drawing has gotten incredibly creative and detailed.  
These pictures make me feel joy and peace and remind me of the beauty that surrounds me here at home.  God has given me such precious gifts to treasure and build up.  Now to hold onto that through the day.

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