Monday, October 28, 2013

Pure Lovely

Rosy cheeks +  lace + tulle + flower crowns= Pure Lovely.  These girls of mine are so beautiful.  The baby just loves to watch them and so do I.  Every time Lyddie comes into the room, Rosie's face lights up.  This morning, I snuggled the baby warm under the covers and Millie climbed up next to me.  "Hi baby!  I'm your big sister!  Hey little baby... I'm gonna kiss your little ears!  *smooch*  I kissed one little ear!  Now turn your head so I can kiss your other ear.  Turn your head, baby.  Turn your head, baby!  Baby! Turn your head!"   Baby complied accidentally and Millie was satisfied to kiss her other little ear.  

That middle girl of mine, she communicates love through touch, hugs, and snuggles; touch has significance for her and when she is upset, I actually see her withhold it.  She loves to reach out and hold Rosie's hand in the car, which Rosie doesn't always appreciate.  Maybe that's why she cries in the car so often... 

Little moments to capture and treasure for later.

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