Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Yarn Along

This week I have been knitting a special gift for a friend and love how they have been turning out. Susie's Reading Mitts are my first feminine pair of mitts - I made a pair of manly ones for Jesse a couple years ago and haven't tried any since. Why?? They are a pretty and easy gift idea!  I am trying to decide my next project and may start on my Sugared Violets   The farthest I've gotten is winding the yarn into balls. But need to get moving on a little Christmas knitting, so I should really put that project on hold until after the holidays.

I have a few books going, as you can see. I am still enjoying Dracula in audiobook form through CraftLit and wow, it is fun!  Such excellent readers! I am also reading The Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton that way. I am reading Little House On the Prairie and trying decide whether to tackle it aloud with Lyddie since we are almost finished with Little House in the Big Woods. When I do, it will be her first real exposure to misconceptions of Native America and I want to use wisdom in introducing that topic and correcting it. I don't think it will be as difficult or as big a deal as it seems in my mind initially but it will be a loss of innocence in one way. I find that my reading of these books so far is so different than when I was a child and young adult both in relating to Ma and my ideas of the world, politics, marriage and family. It is interesting.

I also picked up The Dirty Life by Kristin Kimball at the library which is one of my favorite genres- small farming memoirs... Not far into it yet and may have liked other better a few years ago, I'm not decided yet.

I'm happily taking part with Ginny (and many others) at Small Things for her Yarn Along this week.  Won't you yarn along with us - and check out the incredible pictures of her beautiful son (and baby knits!) in her post from yesterday!


  1. I listen to the CraftLit podcast, too!

    I loved, loved, loved listening to Dracula and have been enjoying The Age of Innocence so far, too. Did you hear that we will be doing North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell next?

    1. Oh fun, I hadn't heard! I have put off watching all of North and South because I was waiting for my husband to want to see it with me... I am a little behind on Age of Innocence right now, since I am enjoying Dracula so much! I

  2. I love the color of the mitts. My favorite.