Friday, December 27, 2013


I sit here rocking the baby who is refusing to quiet back down again here after a midnight feeding. She is restless and so am I. I have lain here awake feeling stirred, Rest-Less. Our time with family has been beautiful and fun.  We have enjoyed each other and even took the girls to a movie- a rare occasion for our family.
But my heart and mind are restless for our other loved ones too, back on the Rez. Someone recently asked if it was good to be home here on this side of the mountains and I was baffled as to how to answer.  Yes, it is good. But neither place is fully home and it is good to be in each place. I miss both places when I am in one or the other. I am always split. I am split between loving the time to be refreshed and missing the time as refresh-er to ones I know need Christ's comfort. {But that isn't accurate, since I continue to strive to refresh those immediately around me - and yet-}. 

But the children in the house of the broken, the ones who have slept and eaten and played safe under our roof so recently. And the ones who come to be built up and poured into after school, but there is no school for now and who knows what sorrows or maybe, just maybe, joys this past week has held for them and I am counting the minutes, the days until something makes all this better and that something is actually a Someone- and I breathe, Come Lord Jesus. To our home and their homes, come to the houses with the broken glass and the half-dressed children running through the cold night. Come and ransom Captive Israel that mourns in lowly exile here-

Until the Son of God


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