Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Yarn along

I haven't been able to share much about my knitting but these should be safe! Lyddie has been begging for some socks for her dolly, and knitting these were a breeze!  I modified this pattern to fit a smaller doll and whipped up a couple pairs over as many days.  Each pair took a couple hours and I will do a few more.  They were going to go in stockings but little hands dug through my knitting bag, found the littler bag with these zipped inside and next I heard "Mama!  What are these?"  

I may be sending them to Santa.  

In my limited reading time, I have been reading Mrs. Mike and really enjoying it.  I have also been reading Little House on the Prairie, but have been really bothered by the way Indians are presented and discussed, especially in contrast to the respectful and understanding way they are included in Mrs. Mike, not dumbed down but with what seems much more respectful handling of the differences between the cultures at the time.   I know Laura Ingalls Wilder writes historically accurately as to how the pioneers felt about our first neighbors, but it's painful to read the miscommunication and therefore misrepresentation of a people group I love so much. I am also reading it with my children in mind for the time when we will read these together and have to discuss these topics.  But I am still enjoying re-reading these stories and thinking about the life the pioneers led.

And since my spare time is being spent wrapping presents and doing online shopping (oh I LOVE Amazon prime), I will use this post to share the glimpses I have been snapping through our days. 

 (See the baby in the Amazon box?  That was a good way to make dinner one night AND keep Millie entertained... maybe I better pull another one out today... a crawling seven month old combined with a Christmas tree = work!)

And now I'm off to the races!  Happy Wednesday and Yarn Along day!  I am joining up with Ginny for her Yarn Along fun.  

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  1. Oh how I love my girlies! Can't wait to see them and love on them!