Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Yarn Along, January 1

Joining up with Ginny's Yarn Along to talk about books and yarn!
I just noticed that this is my 400th post.  Hooray! 
Last week I finished several projects, the biggest of which was Jesse's hat for Christmas... I have yet to get a picture of it completed but maybe this week. I really like how it turned out and have to admit I borrowed it yesterday to go play in the snow... how can a knitter never have made herself a decent hat?

I am currently working on my Sugared Violets wrap and it is so lovely. I just started the lacy mesh section but was watching the final episode of Fringe at 11:00 last night (we decided we couldn't go into a new year with just one episode hanging over us...ha!) when I did the first row and I think I made a mistake because the stitch pattern didn't come out quite right in the end. I will hopefully make time to sit and unknit the 300 stitches of that row today and try again. Not too daunting as the mesh isn't difficult.  I must have just made a simple error- I hope!

I am reading a few books. I am trying to read a small section from Elisabeth Elliott's Keep a Quiet Heart each morning before I get out of bed and face the demands of the day.  It is really difficult for me to get up lately with the darkness lingering so late and I need...something.
I am also reading The Yarn Harlot which (if you haven't heard of it) is just knitting chatter and hilarious.  The author (Stephanie Pearl-McPhee) a blogger with the same title and I enjoy her blog and was excited to open the book on Christmas morning from my mother in law. Last but not least, I am still reading Mrs. Mike on my Kindle, and I continue to be more impressed with it. It should be on everyone's to-read list, in my opinion. 

Happy new year everyone and happy knitting!

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  1. 300 stitches?? Oh how sad! I am sure you are up for the task-it is going to be such a beautiful shawl. I need to make time to read some of my Yarn Harlot book--I thought I had read more of it than I had but when I picked it up I was only at the beginning--maybe even just the forward? I love you and miss you all!!!!