Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Yarn Along, April begins

Ahhh.. color!  

I have been knitting more this week, determined to fit it in.  I have about 6 inches of Rosie's Plain Tunic complete, so there's about 7 inches of plain stockinette left before the garter yoke.  I am planning on giving it to her as a birthday gift, since she turns one this month, oh how can it be?!  One!  And Millie turns three!  The picture above of my knitting is terrible since I keep forgetting to snap a picture when the daylight is here but the color is much nicer than that photo makes it look - a deep teal blue.  It will be pretty on Rosie with her blue eyes; it does seem like it's going to fit big so it might be a staple next fall. 

Those vibrant pink-red flowers are quince; aren't they beautiful?  The lighter pink buds will be Japanese flowering almond and they will soon be a fluffy cloudy dream.  Our chicks are growing quickly and we have at least one rooster and maybe three. That's what you get with straight-run banty chicks.

I did abandon The Last Sin-Eater but was thankful for the comments last week recommending some of Rivers' other books, which I'll keep in mind. It wasn't a bad book, actually, and I was sort of surprised that I couldn't get into it, but I just think this little season of life is requiring books with short quick sections and simple relationships, making Plum Creek another good choice.  It takes me less than five minutes to read a chapter before falling asleep so I can actually read a couple chapters at night and feel so accomplished.  I am also listening to North and South on CraftLit but am a couple weeks behind right now. 

My life feels a little like it's in an upheaval, kind of like right after you have a baby, and I am having to reconfigure some basic things about our days and schedules.  I am also extra tired in this process of adding a fourth little one to our household, so I'm back to struggling with waking earlier than the kids just like I always do after having a baby although this is very different practically and emotionally.  My days require more of me, but I miss waking up around 6:15 and getting some good quiet time to start my day as a person and not simply a mom before the kids get up.  I really need to be diligent about that each day again, since that time allows me to shape my day proactively instead of starting off reactively.  The more the sun begins to shine earlier, the easier that will be as well and I almost can trick myself into being a morning person in the spring and summer here!  


  1. hope you find your rhythm with four little ones, soon, I bet you will find your pace! lovely sweater and my oh my the blossoms that you have! We have only snowdrops and that's it. Every day I keep searching for signs. Spring will surely be here, right?

    1. Spring will come!! Just this week is when the flowers appeared on the trees, and the orchards around us will soon be in full bloom too. It will come for you too, Karen, I am confident enough to promise it!

  2. Love your blossoms! We have none as of yet, at least in our trees whose buds have barely broken open. Daffodils are up, though, so I've got a little color out my window. :) Will be praying for your mornings! I totally get the need for quiet morning time...


  3. Laura Ingalls Wilder...my favorite author, as a little girl and as a well seasoned adult. All the Little House Books still sit on my bed stand, even today. (and my children are practically grown...I'm not exactly sure what constitutes practically grown...but in college and just about there...) I remember those struggles when they were babes to try and get some time in for myself, and your words were perfect for that...to not be reactive...I am sure it will all balance out...you know, I still do that too. Love, Christina

  4. Amazing colour, we have a small quince bush in our front garden that produces tiny little fruit, yours is amazing. Oh and Rosie is such a cutie with her red hair and blue eyes. I know what you mean about the light it always gives the best photographs but the colour looks nice and almost matches the blog colour. Plum creek sound wonderful what a lovely title.
    Take care of yourself and have enough rest...

  5. such gorgeous photos! Love the color!! Hold tight to these days with all those littles....it goes by so fast! I know everyone tells you that but it is so true! Take deep breaths and roll with whatever the day brings!! And fit some knitting in too.......it's such good therapy!!