Friday, May 09, 2014

i'm a bit boring


It is Friday and I have high hopes of having a date with my husband tomorrow night, our first alone-date in months, since January.  We are scheduled to have three hours out during the dinner hour and right now, with two children climbing on me, shoving books and sundry items in my face, tomorrow sounds like a long way away.  This is the first time since we became parents almost five years ago that I am having to work hard to see how our relationship is more than just parenting and work. We make a rule to not spend the whole time on our dates talking about kids and work-related information but I'm a little confused about what else I might currently have to talk about at the moment.   Laundry?  Meal-planning?  How badly the toilet needs to be cleaned again?

Does anyone (or did anyone) else have this situation and do you have creative suggestions for me that worked for you?   I think I used to be interesting and fun, full of dreams and ideas, and these days I am a bit boring, I fear.  What do parents of lots of young children talk about on dates? Help! 

(Please ignore the fact that those are Easter pictures however many weeks late...maybe you can just pretend that Easter was last Sunday - at least it's still the right season!)


  1. I think it's really great to revisit why you're together, and to talk about what your dreams and goals are. If your stuck in the day to day, why not go back to the past and really talk about some fun memories and experiences you shared. :)

  2. Oh my, the last thing that comes to my mind after seeing your photos (Easter eggs, chubby feet, and all) is boring! It looks to me as though your cup overfloweth! I'll bet that you're even more interesting, fun, and full of dreams and ideas today than you ever were before. Sure, your days and thoughts are filled with all the wonderful and mundane things that come with homemaking and being a mom, but I would encourage you to share with your husband how you're feeling; I'll bet he doesn't think you're one bit boring. :)

  3. I was (is) a stay at home mom and we talked about the kids if that is what we wanted to talk about. It is your full time job! I think if you are interacting with friends or others then you have more to talk about during the "dates". I think what's the most important that you are spending time together!! We now have just each other with the kids gone, we talk about the kids, we talk about my knitting, his job, our friends, plans for the house.....pretty boring stuff as well :D But exciting for US!