Monday, June 30, 2014

A List


Six quarts of canned Rainier cherries, a dozen colorful eggs.  A hen that allows my girl to catch her and hold her while the baby bends head low and chatters in her face.  Little and big voices chanting Scripture together by heart over cereal and toast.  More raspberries than can be picked. Gladiolas towering in the flowerbed.  Fiery sunset during a nighttime baseball game.  

New Adirondack chair lovingly made by my husband, whispering together, invitations for secret sharing on a cooling evening.  Girly bubbling giggle.  Agatha Christie novels and knitting bunched up in my lap.  Sleepy eyes after a warm afternoon rest.  Sweet and spicy crockpot chicken tacos.    A beginning reader's pride at phonetic successes. 

A last minute quick visit from family over the weekend.  Toddling first steps, daily more confident.  I love you so much, Momma.  I really really love you so much. The dust on little feet, legs, arms as a sign of joyful outdoor play.  Bright stars hanging low near my window as I drift to sleep.

Surrounded by such tangible blessings that remind me that He loves to bring delight to me, to us, turn my eyes to Him as the giver of good gifts and as The Good Gift Himself.  It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful.

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