Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Not Every Man


He is gentle and attentive and caring and strong.  He is her teammate in parenting and confident in his leadership of their family. He is trustworthy and patience.  She would have never dreamed of how God would answer her prayers for him early in marriage and the answers encourage perseverance in prayer still now.  

She delights to watch him now in work that brings him happiness.  As he pours himself out, he is filled again with an unending supply of love and patience and grace and she sees that spark of joy in him that she didn't know would come.  Not every man has the kind of job that brings him deep joy and satisfaction and not every wife gets the opportunity to see her husband filled with passion for the specific work God has brought to him.  It is a blessing and she doesn't take it for granted. 

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  1. beautiful. I love how you stop and reflect on your daily life. I wish I did more of that when I was your age :)