Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Yarn Along, October 1

Well, my friends, I finished my Shalom - all except for buttons which I still need to decide on.  I am suddenly looking at the picture here and thinking a dark gray might be what I want instead of the wood buttons I was imagining initially. One day soon I will get buttons and have my dear husband snap some pictures of me in it.  I love it this cardigan.  It is long and springy and warm and will be a go-to knit for this winter since I love that it is short-sleeved and will just pop over a long sleeved top comfortably. 

Next up:  I have been thinking way too hard about what project to tackle next and decided on my first pair of socks in a long time.  I ordered some yarn from Knit Picks (and an Elizabeth Zimmermann book 40% off!) which probably won't be here for a couple weeks so in the meantime I may go back to my cobweb lace shawl that I really almost would rather frog in favor of a new pattern for yarn that I love. We'll see.

Written words:  I'm reading North! or Be Eaten by Andrew Peterson.  It's great, what can I say?  Read it!  I'm listening to North and South on Craftlit and the archived podcasts for The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins because I just can't wait a whole week between the live podcasts for North and South.  Wow, The Woman in White is so fun to listen to - Wilkie Collins really knows how to write intriguing and intense characters!   I think very little action has actually take place but I'm totally gripped by the storyline and relationships, knowing something is looming ahead but flummoxed about the details of the looming thing.  I am also reading The Last Battle- the final book in the Chronicles of Narnia.  I can't even remember this one even though I know I have read it before, so it's a bit like reading an entirely new book.  I can't believe how much darker and more sinister the evil in it feels than the other books and I'm certain I didn't pick up on that when I was young and read it.  Something about aging and knowing more about the darkness in our world makes me feel it that much more and I imagine I will spend a good portion of the latter half of the book in tears which might be awkward because this book lives in the bathroom for those few minutes I can escape into Narnia each day until fingers crawl under the bathroom door and I hear "Mommyyyyyy I see your feeeeeet!!"

And then, just for fun, some pictures of my munchkins since my time has been too short to keep up well here the past couple of weeks!

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  1. your children are beauties!! Love your finished sweater and I agree a dark gray would be lovely. I tend to use brown because that is what I have most in my stash :)

  2. Dark grey would be a great contrast. Congrats on finishing the sweater. I have knitted the Shalom twice and i wouldn't mind knitting a third one :)

  3. Your kids are so cute! I really love the color of the cardigan! :)

  4. Grey would look so nice. Can't wait to see it finished. Your little cherubs are precious!

  5. Your children are adorable! I like the idea of gray buttons; the sweater is lovely - my favorite color.

  6. Oh, you're in for a treat! I would love to be able to read "The Last Battle" for the first time again! (I'll just settle for re-reading and re-reading some more. :) )