Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Yarn Along, November 12

Busy week- (terrible photo from my early morning phone!)
Planning a birthday celebration
Christmas preparations and planning
Knitting through online continuing education courses
Pondering cognitive anchoringcognitive anchoring

Soft lavender wispy Alpaca yarn in lacy stockinette
Sturdy vibrant sunshine socks with slipped stitch rib heel, moments stolen near bubbling and boiling pots
Even sturdier white cotton that will soon scrub dishes
New stash (on surprising sale!) in sweet pinks, purples, and emeralds

Smiles exchanged with that other mother with clicking needles in the waiting room

Chapters of North! Or Be Eaten snuck late at night and over a slow quiet lunch
Drifting to sleep repeatedly over the same few paragraphs of The Woman In White, only two chapters remaining

What are you reading this week? Are you crafting? Joining with Ginny for Yarn Along!


  1. Stunning yarn, it looks wonderful.

  2. i want to wallow in that yarn.......gosh, it's pretty!

  3. oh, new project and luscious yarn! I keep forgetting to snap photos the day before. This week I remembered! Then forgot to link in a timely manner....oh well.

  4. Yarn looks nice and soft. Can't believe it's almost Christmas! :)

  5. Your knitting project is really pretty.

  6. Beautiful yarn! All the blogs are scaring me, with their talk of Christmas crafting!

  7. I bought a book yesterday and some yarn for making socks... um, I think I will be okay until I get to the heel. I'm kind of nervous about starting it now. I will be waiting until after Christmas as I have too much other stuff to get done to focus on learning something that new! :)