Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Three little kittens...

There is something desperately magical about taking a loopy skein of yarn and transforming it into a garment for a loved one.  One pair of mittens finished, and another will be finished tonight, and then... churning out more for Christmas gifts.  They are fast and simple Bon Bon Mittens and I think I might make myself a pair one day in a solid color that will show off the sweet cable better than the 220 Paints my girls selected.  I am considering adding a bit of girly flair to them so that my three year old princess will wear her purple and green ones, so if you have suggestions of a border I might add or some other idea (a button?  a knit flower?), please do share a comment!

Inner shouts of joy and triumph tonight over completing all 30 of my continuing education hours in order to maintain my speech pathology certification.  My goal was to complete them by Thanksgiving and I'm within five days of that goal.  I am glad that the evenings of study are finished for now.

It is cold, with temperatures struggling to reach freezing in the afternoons now.  We wake to delicious frost on the grass, the gate, the stones, though no hoarfrost yet, which will transform the drab dying gray to a mystical fairyland.  Just about five weeks ago we were still garbed in shorts and sandals, yet here we are in the first week of December and can no longer step out of the house without a scarf and thick coat, with breath hanging in close clouds around our lips.  The chill makes for cozy days now, with the garden sleeping soundly, and more time for reading.  I am truly reading North! or Be Eaten! now (I know,  I know, it's been "my yarn along book" for weeks now), and it has finally gripped me.  I am thrilling through each pristine page of Preserving by the Pint by Marisa McClellan (from Food In Jars) and really enjoying The Nesting Place which has been on my wishlist for a long while. Every year I look with intense expectation toward the Advent devotional we choose to read as family this year.  This year we are reading Ann Voskamp's new and beautiful book as a family, Unwrapping the Greatest Gift, which may be a little over the heads of our children in parts but is so beautiful as I listen to my husband read it aloud at the table after breakfast every morning.  It is a little different than her usual writing style, a little simpler, a little less verbosely poetic which suits children who would miss many of the double meanings  and turns of phrase that characterize her style.

In the midst of this cold coldness, my husband came in the door with this adorable critter this afternoon. It is likely that she was abandoned on the road near our house since she was completely disoriented in the road.  That happens a lot out here where we live.  The results of this scenario are yet to be decided, though she is so so beautiful and sweet that she would probably make a fine addition to our family if we can't find an owner (and I suspect we won't but we will at least try).   We have been talking about finding another dog, but have put a decision off, since being a one-dog-family has been nice and peaceful.  We were thinking along the lines of a smaller dog since Gideon is such a massive (yet-lovable) beast.  But our Lyddie-girl, who is usually not much of a "dog-person" is in love with the puppy which surprised me, and this pup also seemed really taken with her.  We'll see what happens. This may become a Fern-and-Wilbur situation.  *smile*

I am linking up with Ginny again today and as always, eager to see what others are making and reading this week.  Christmas is on its way and we are eagerly preparing our hearts to celebrate Christ's birth and remembering to look forward to His return!


  1. Your mittens are so cute! I wish i could make those but I am not there yet. Congrats on finishing your schooling. That must be a huge weight off your shoulders right about now. My reading has been slow too right now. There is just too much going on to be able to sit with a book and focus for very long at all.
    The puppy is so adorable. Looks to have German Shepherd in her/him. I have a German Shepherd mix and she is the sweetest thing on earth! Such a lovie!
    Hope you get plenty of time to make those Christmas gifts and stay warm! It has turned cold again here in Missouri too.

  2. good golly!! I am (was) a speech pathologist and I keep my certification just in case I ever would go back to work. It's an insurance policy. I do those special interest groups to obtain them.

    Love your mittens and the kittens reference :)

  3. Sweet little mittens! I don't know what it is about mittens, but they seem so perfectly "winter" to me. :) Oh, the pup! Can't wait to see how this plays out! She looks like a sweetheart! *hugs* :)

  4. Yes, yes, to pretty embellishments. Love buttons, but a princess may want fancy crochet.

  5. Love seeing the picture of the kids in their car seats! The mittens look beautiful, love the colors esp. the pink one! :)