Wednesday, January 07, 2015




On my needles:  Radiance Shawl in Cascade Alpaca Lace Paint.  I probably got another inch done on the shawl this week while we devoured the first season of the show Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D at night when the kids are asleep.  I am so glad I frogged the other shawl I had been doing and chose this pattern instead.  I love it - it's so well written and easy to follow.

On the pages:  The Nesting Place by Myquillin Smith and North! Or Be Eaten by Andrew Peterson.  Listening to Herland by Charlotte Perkins Gilman through CraftLit.  I am really enjoying all three of my books, although I kind of find Herland to be a bit slow so far, but I will persist happily, having developed a trust in the quality of discussion through the podcast. 

I have two major goals this year - for right now, anyway.  One is to get fit and lose weight but how stereotypical is that?  So I'm working hard to get 300 minutes of aerobic activity each week and keep going with my Weight Watchers plan. Last week, check. This week, going strong.  

But more creatively, we are doing a lot of plotting and planning about and making little changes in our strange 1940's built-a-little-at-a-time-with-cheeeeap-materials house.  The credit for this in my world is largely thanks to The Nesting Place - I really appreciate the book's focus on freedom to just try home improvement and home decoration projects without terror or fear of ruining the home.  So when Jesse removed the monstrous, obsolete air conditioning unit above our couch last week and drywalled up the huge hole, I started having fun planning a collage wall to go there instead - but there are many steps first to be done.  {Tonight I textured the wall with just a little bit of drywall mud and a paint roller.  Yesterday I picked up paint to sample in the living room over the place that has been repaired and will try to texture the wall in another place tomorrow - before hopefully priming and painting that little wall to see how we like the color since I wasn't ready to embark on painting the whole living room this month).  This is turning out really fulfilling to me, but prior to this new free attitude, it would have felt much more stressful and anxiety producing.   There are other things afoot as well in my heart and head to beautify and cozy up our home. This is the first time in my life I have actually felt free and adventurous instead of paralyzed by the all decisions and changes and repairs to be made about the house on careful Dave-Ramsey-budget.  I am laying aside my tendency to look at a decision from every angle and just jumping in to change things as we can afford the time and materials.  It is FUN!

So that's the creativity happening here.  I am joining up with Ginny's Yarn Along again today.  I wish I had time to write here a little more, and a little more deeply, but right now we have had our sweet girl staying with our family a good amount of time, meaning I'm mom to four small ones several days of the past week or two and I love it, but with that and all that I've written above, blogging has had to go a little on the back burner, especially more heart-related blogging, although be watching because soon the posts that are wriggling at the corner of my mind will push their way out here. 


  1. I really enjoyed Nesting Place as well! For a long time we have been thinking of our house as just that, a house, instead of a home. One that we were planning on leaving quickly for something better. Of course, now being here 8 years, we are realizing that we need to accept we aren't going anywhere soon and need to start making this a home. My husband is still on the fence about some changes, but I am going full steam ahead! Lovely shawl!

  2. Hi's been so long since I've even looked at my blog or visited you and my other bloggy friends. While we are back to lessons this week, my kids are older and life is finally slowing a bit after a hectic and busy fall/holiday season. I'm guessing who that little one is and will pray. Happy new year to you and everyone at SR from west of the Cascades. :)
    xo Lisa

  3. Lovely pictures and beautiful little angels on them as usual! I try not to set many goals, always get me anxious... it's like when you decide to get on a diet, suddenly you are always hungry and craving sweets and snacks... Or maybe is just me? Haha!
    I hope you are warm and can't wait to see more knitting next time! Hugs!!

  4. Your shawl looks lovely.....the color so perfect! Thanks for the encouraging note on my blog I really appreciate it! Your photos are beautiful here......especially the ones of your little sweet and made me smile!!

  5. I love that you are enjoying your newer shawl pattern. When you take so many hours to make something, it's really nice when you love it! And yay for you and your health goals! I have some myself and appreciate knowing that I am not alone! Much love to you! *hugs* :)

  6. I love setting goals and I think you can achieve all of them if you want. I have been trying to keep my goals on my mind every day. Sometimes life just gets crazy and you let goals slip.