Wednesday, February 04, 2015


I am back to stashing multiple knitting projects in various places and it really does mean I knit more.  Here you can see a glimpse of my Radiance shawl in the back, the bright yellow Vanilla socks I knit mostly during potty training time, and the blue is a Poppy for Lyddie since she was asking for a new hat to match the ones I made for Rosie and Millie.  I hope I have enough of the blue but suspect I won't so I will either need to order another skein or get creative.

My parents gave me a swift and ball winder for Christmas and I was so excited to have a chance to use it with the Quince and Co Chickadee that arrived in the mail yesterday!  I ordered it in Dogwood to make a Sibella Babe Pullover for Rosie's birthday.  I don't make many pullovers but decided it is time to add some!  I now have three neat little pink cakes of yarn. 

Lots of apples being used up in the dehydrator and in apple crisps right now since they are on the verge of going bad in our root cellar and are no longer very tasty for fresh eating.  I wish some of you wanted to come make applesauce with me to share!  Does anyone have favorite ways to use up apples?  

I am still absorbed in The Magicians but only have enough time for one chapter each night in bed.  I just learned it's a trilogy when I looked up the link on Amazon.  So I guess I need to look into the second and third books! 

Lyddie and I are loving The Wonderful Wizard of Oz together with the original illustrations.  We read a chapter each afternoon and every single day she tries to convince me to let her keep it for the rest of her quiet time and every single day I refuse because I know she will just read ahead...tricky little five year old!  The Tin Woodman's story is so much more tragic and sorrowful than they go into in the movie and I was so taken aback by it when I read it for the first time a couple years ago.  I am again enthralled by Baum's ability to write gentle irony that children can understand by making it clear that each character already has the thing they think they lack; the Scarecrow is always the problem-solver in spite of being "brainless," the Tin Woodman is so tender though he longs for a heart, and the Lion misunderstands the word "courage" to mean feeling no fear.  Oh I love it.   The Snow Globe Family is my current favorite of all the stacks of library books in our house right now.  It's a sweet story with darling illustrations that completely capture the imagination.  Oh and I am still listening to Herland with CraftLit.   Meh, still on the fence but that's how devoted I am to the podcast - I will finish listening to it and hope for a book I like better in the next round. I listen to it while I'm working out and want to multitask so it ends up being a good use of time and it does make me think, so it's a win.

Leave a comment so I can follow the link back, I always try to click back through to my commenters!  Join us with Ginny in celebrating artistic creativity over at Yarn Along!  


  1. I've never read that book, well on the long list it goes. Did you oil your swift? I need to do something because mine is stiff and doesn't twirl smoothly or willingly. Love the photo of the swift and yarn together :)

    1. Oooh no, should I have? I just set it up and followed the directions! It went really smoothly but now I better do some research!

  2. My kids loved Oz so much better in the book than the movie (although, we all do love the movie, too!). Great idea to stash WIP's around the house...

  3. Oh I would love to have a swift and ball winder! Awesome! We are also reading The Wizard of Oz right now. I am struck by the differences in the story as well. I have the entire series on my kindle, so I know we will have a lot of reading to keep the story going. My daughter is excited that there is a movie as well, and once we finish we are going to let her watch it - although I have to say I am a little frightened of what she will think of the monkeys!

  4. I recently bought a gorgeous box set of all the Oz books. My boys love them. Our tree is producing lots of apples at the moment. I am making mint and apple jelly on the weekend. Love the yellow knitting - so bright and cheerful.

  5. I love my ball winder and swift. It makes life so much easier. If I lived closer I would come make applesauce with you! Apple crisp is usually my method of choice to use up apples. Or apple butter!

  6. Your radiance shawl looks so light and it's such a lovely color.

  7. The radiance shawl is so lovely. I loved the Wizard of Oz and listened to it on my i-pod. It's such a great book! :)

  8. The Snow Globe Family! Sweetest! :) I love Quince & Co. Dogwood. I bought one lone skein of it for a little something for my daughter, but I love it so much that I keep thinking that I want to find a spring sweater pattern so that I can make something for me in that color! Your pullover is going to be adorable!