Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Yarn Day

We are strangely enjoying the most incredible early spring I've even seen!  I am spending hours out of doors: hacking back rose bushes and other overgrown mystery bushes in hopes, dreaming about putting flowers in pots and bulbs in ground... but being cautious in case we get a surprise burst of winter again.  My children are happily covered in dirt morning and night and yesterday got little scissors out to help me prune, they snipping tiny sections of ten-foot junipers as I tackled some sadly neglected bush that I think is a Potentilla of some kind. 

But the evenings are still dark earlier than summer so once the house is picked up and chores are done, I have been furiously knitting Rosie's Sibella.  Just onto the second sleeve, after which they both get attached to the body and then the beautiful flower lace pattern begins, I think.

I finished The Magicians the other day and was glad I pushed through the little lag in the middle (an intentional lag that I see now really reflected the character's stage of life) because once the book was finished I immediately logged onto the library to request the second book.  It is fascinating as a dark and "adult" version of Narnia which some may dislike but it didn't bother me.  Well, that's not true; it was deeply unsettling and bothered me a lot but not because I thought the author shouldn't have gone there.  Rather, it was unsettling in the way that The Last Battle unsettled me - it is hard to see something you love and recognize tarnished and broken.  I really love a good fantasy series.  Does that make me a huge geek? {I can recommend this book only with warnings - it contains a bit more sex and violence than most books I tend to read which was part of why I almost put it down but if you can handle that either by skimming or it doesn't bother you, then you might still enjoy this book.} 

That same day I was digging through the shelves wishing I had the third book to yet another series I am in the middle of - Andrew Peterson's Wingfeather Saga, this one a young adult series.  That very afternoon, a package arrived which contained the third and fourth books- wahoo!  Jesse had apparently ordered slightly damaged copies (e.g., the cover a little bent, etc) of both so I set right in on The Monster In The Hollows.  Already love it. 

Happy yarn day!  I'm linking up with Ginny for Yarn Along and I look forward to visiting you all!  What about you- is the weather good enough to start a bit of yard work and gardening or are you still cozily cuddled indoors with your knitting and books?  


  1. love the shade of the knitting, perfect for spring and you'll be finished in no time at all. We are seeing our snow melt fast and some lawn is starting to peek :)

  2. I love fantasy! I know what you mean about the end of the Narnia series. I have read them at least four times, I'd say, and reading The Last Battle aloud last year still had me teary. I had to pretend wasn't crying over a kids book, for goodness sake! Look forward to seeing the Sibella!

  3. How great for you! Outside in the garden! We have had such a mild winter. Snow is starting to melt, but there is still so, so much of it to go. I was told not to plant anything here until Memorial Day. That seems ages away, doesn't it?!

    "-it is hard to see something you love and recognize tarnished and broken." So well said!

    *Hugs* to you, Sweet Sarah! :)