Tuesday, June 09, 2015

rosie and her baby

"Look! Kitty, look! Picture!"

Rosie loves it when I ask if she's a baby.  "NO!" she states with a grave look.  "I a big girl!"  Then, if little Penny cat is near, she points to him, "Kitty a baby!   I a BIG girl!" giggle giggle giggle giggle.

"Mommy play food!  Play food!"  She begs.  "C'mon!  'Mon! Sit down!  Play food!"  She wants to cut the wooden food, to pretend to eat, to pour me tea.   Her hair always a mess after playing in the pool, on her third or fourth outfit of the day, drool from her two year molars always wetting around her lips. Her bright eyes turn serious about the cooking, about my eating.  She insists that I pay full attention to our game and if I turn to see what the kitty is into or which child is calling my name, she furrows her brow and hands me another piece of food.  The sun glints through the window into her hair, illuminating every wild strand, resting on chubby hands busy.

She is all loveliness.


  1. What a precious post! I feel sorry for our cat who is dragged around quite a bit in the name of cuddles!