Saturday, July 11, 2015



We loaded up and headed a little ways toward the mountains again on daddy's day off, this time going to Rimrock Lake and although another group came and parked themselves right next to us in an otherwise empty park (I think they were hoping that if they were loud enough maybe we'd move so they could take over the picnic table or something - we didn't) it was still a restful time.  It was hot even up there so the lake dips we took felt incredible and the girls practiced their swimming.  It is so beautiful there and I love spreading a blanket out and diving in to cool off, coming up for a snack or lunch, and settling on the blanket with my knitting needles until the heat is unbearable again.  Lyddie decided to work on her knitting with goggles on, and Rosie practiced sewing with lacing cards. A military jet flew by overhead so close that I thought my ear drums would burst.  So loud. 

Last night we enjoyed an evening at the college-league baseball game in town with our church family and staff.  I got to sit next to two sweet friends and it was so lovely to joke and watch and catch up with them while keeping a wary eye out for fly balls into the stands.  

You know, nothing really exciting happening here but tidbits of good.  

I am planning to complete the KonMari method of "tidying up" by Christmas so I dug in and got my entire wardobe piled into the guest room today and worked through each category of clothing as she recommends.  Although I frequently purge through my clothes, my drawers and closet have truly never looked this... well, empty.  Great.  Devoid of junk.  I can see now how freeing it would be if I felt this way about all our belongings.  I love it.

I have been teaching Millie how to cross-stitch.  She couldn't be more thrilled in spite of the fact that it's almost completely hand-over-hand and will be for quite some time.  No matter!  She was begging to learn after seeing some of my unframed samplers so when we stopped into Hobby Lobby, we picked up a beginning kit, which in turn has caused me to begin again on my own needlework, a really beautiful needle roll kit from Shepherd's Bush that my mom gave me last year but which has been sitting largely unattended while I have focused on knitting.   

We have been watching Once Upon a Time and are fully hooked into season two.  Who knew that fairy tale characters could be so creatively interwoven?  The writing on the show is really very good so far. I started listening to a new podcast that was recommended by Alicia recently and it is a nice fiber-y podcast that makes me want to start dyeing yarn for fun but instead I am ripping back row upon row of a lace-weight shawl and dreaming about the day I get to start knitting forward again.  I am really missing weekly CraftLit podcast releases since Heather understandably decreased for the summer but it means I have to wait two weeks between each episode of Sense and Sensibility!  
Those are the tidbits from my end; any tidbits you care to share?


  1. Gorgeous photos again! Looks like you all had a wonderful time. I have been reading so much on blogs about The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. I am waiting for a copy to arrive at the library so I can be freed up too! I love to cross-stitch too - and it is addictive. I would love to see your needle roll - Shepherd's Bush have lovely patterns. Maybe I can be inspired to pull out my Amish cross stitch I am working on by Told In A Garden. Also love Once Upon A Time - I have Season Three on hold at the library, waiting, waiting! I did a blog post a while ago about the wonderful knitter who designed the Emma blanket. It is available as a free pattern on Ravelry and I plan on making it for the next baby that comes along. Her other patterns are gorgeous too.
    Ok, enough commenting now! Hope you are keeping well.

  2. Nothing very exciting, and yet everything very lovely! I visited my grandparents this weekend, and it was the same thing there. Looks like the cleaning bug is really going around! I am feeling the inspiration as well!

  3. loved seeing your tidbits and how summer is just chugging along for all of you! I will have to watch once upon a time when I'm done with the gilmore girls (which I love). Two weeks until the wedding so I'm in crazy mode!