Wednesday, October 07, 2015

yarn along: no great hurry

Very slowly is my Hitofude growing.  The past few weeks I have felt a little down for no particular reason - or maybe many reasons.  Usually when that happens, knitting is a good source of peace but I have been scattered during the day with the changing of seasons and winter preparations, and so my evening knitting time has been taken up, or, crazily enough, I have been too tired to keep my hands busy.  I have been having a little fun poking around on Periscope and enjoyed hearing Gretchen's testimony this week.  One thing she said that really rattled around in my brain was that (paraphrase) knitting became a way for her to worship.  Why have I never thought of it that way?  How would my knitting change if I think of it as a way to worship and glorify God? 

I decided to pick up my gratitude journal again and add to it. That usually helps me when I'm starting to wonder why my joy flew away, and I have to work to reestablish a habit of thanks-giving.  It's hard at the beginning to write down things I don't necessarily feel thankful for.  It comes, though. Like this: 

*the longing to be simply near Jesus *lower gas prices  *our newly renovated chicken run  * Millie beginning to read  *stories  *pigtails  * candy corn  *pumpkins nestled in green vines  *His promise to provide  *His provision  *Now We Are Six  *my finished cross-stitched needle roll

It gets easier and comes more smoothly.  

I'm reading The Monster in the Hollows. And Charlotte Mason's volume 1.  And listening to The White Moll and King Lear and Sense and Sensibility.  

Nothing with great speed but there's no great hurry.  I'm pushing into rest and quiet and the putting-down of work when possible so I can savor my life and rediscover the beauty around me.  Like eating dinner with the girls in their treehouse while they showed me all the improvements they have made to their dwelling: small pumpkins in the window, a big overturned flower pot for a table, a place to hang their purses and their pictures lined on the built-in shelves above the windows.  Such pride and sweetness and imagination. 

What are you reading?  Creating?  Join us over at Small Things for the Yarn Along linkup and leave me a comment!


  1. hope you feel better soon, I have felt a little lost but I'm blaming it on my kids gone from the house :) I find keeping busy and looking forward to something makes me happy. I always keep a gratitude list.

  2. Gratitude is a great attitude adjuster for me. I joined Periscope too but haven't been able to check out too much. Add me - I'm Knit1Spin2.

  3. I highly recommend my latest 'read'....Help, Thanks, WOW by Anne Lamott; sort of a gratitude journal in book form! Hope the gratitude journal helps. :) (You will LOVE the hitofude when it's finished!)

  4. Sorry you are feeling gratitude journal is always a source of encouragement, just reminding myself of all the amazing things He has done. Steph's book sounds like a good one. :)

  5. I hope you're feeling better soon, Sarah. It sounds like you're doing a good job making gratitude lists and I know that always helps me when I'm feeling low. Take care and enjoy the rest of the week.

  6. Hello. I just stumbled across your blog via Ginny 's yarn along. Your needle roll is so pretty! Did you follow a pattern or design it yourself?

  7. Gratitude. I've struggled with it during this summer of illness. Your words have blessed me though. Most of my knitting/crocheting is done for various charities and although sometimes I feel guilty for sitting and knitting, now that I can think of it as an act of worship and of being His hands and feet in warming someone who is cold, well, maybe the guilt will go away somewhat. I loved your list and I think I'll start one myself this morning.

  8. When life becomes a little too much for me take a moment to notice the blessing I do have always helps. I hope your days become a little easier and you can smile. Big hug.

  9. Every time I read about your gratitude journal, I think, why do I not have one?? I am going to remedy that as I think it will go along way towards maintaining a positive attitude during the drudgery that happens to be many days at the office lately!
    I am looking forward to seeing my little girls soon and want to see their play house improvements--oh how I have been missing them.
    Your needle roll looks fantastic and makes me want to pull out my cross-stitch again--but I am knee deep in Millie Bird's sweater--did I tell you that Rosie's dress and Lyddie's sweater are done? I love them and can't wait to bring them over to them! :)

  10. I just finished my Hitofude and had a little photo shoot with my 4YO. I'm loving periscope.