Thursday, November 05, 2015

homeschool chatter

 Taking the seventh week off of school was a perfect plan last week.  The most important thing it provided for me was a chance to reflect and think about the past six weeks, the first little stint of our homeschooling.  I decided to add and modify a few things but overall was really pleased.  We have started back to our little routine again this week refreshed and ready.  I am pressing to start the morning a bit earlier to ensure a longer time outdoors for them after schoolroom time and before lunch.  Another benefit was that Lyddie was really excited when it came time for circle time together in our cozy schoolroom with the fire crackling (and the really loud groaning feeder for the pellet stove, ha).

We are reading My Father's Dragon aloud and all three girls squeezed onto my lap or on the arms of my comfy armchair to see the pictures and listen.  I like for Lyddie to practice reading aloud so I picked out an adorable Carolyn Haywood book called Here's a Penny for her to read a bit of to me each day.  I haven't previewed the whole thing but it seems really sweet and is a perfect reading level for her. She was especially excited when it mentioned that Penny is six years old, since she is turning six in two weeks (gasp!).

The weather has turned cold finally and I'm closing up shop in the garden, leaving only the cold weather plants in the ground - kale, lettuce, brussels sprouts, broccoli... Winter is on its way (or "vinter" as Rosie calls it).


  1. Hi Sarah, it sounds like you're having lots of success with homeschool so far. You must feel so good about that. I'm sure you're all doing beautifully together.

  2. Hi there, I'm Hannah.
    I saw your blog link on the Ambleside forums and noticed "Central WA" (I'm in the Tricities). 3 BOYS at our house. We love My Father's Dragon too. I read the series out loud to my oldest son and last month he re-read them himself, so he must have enjoyed them.

  3. It's always a pleasure to visit your blog! Love the pumpkins!
    And your previous post, the yarn along, is just adorable! Easy with the pretty model you have :)
    Your knitting is just adorable and makes me want to be a little girl again :)

  4. We had our first frost this week! The few tomatoes that were left on the vines were picked and roasted into a savory sauce and frozen for another day. Carrots and potatoes still need to be dug, but my son decided it was time to let the layers to enjoy the "salad bar" that yet remains. Enjoy these homeschooling days! We are deep into highschool ourselves and are approaching the finish line of what was started in our home 23 years ago (yes, I've been homeschooling that long). Happy learning, my friend. :)