Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Last yarn 2015

Merry belated Christmas! It was a lovely holiday and I will soon share pictures from the recent events but for today I have time only for a few. I'm also on the blogger app on my phone so I can't figure out how to embedded links! Bear with me! 
It is a slower week now for us and I am enjoying catching up on a few tasks like finishing putting up some apples and tomatillos as well as relaxing bits of time with a jigsaw puzzle, extra handiwork, and a bit of reading. 

I am knitting my Hitofude again now that my last minute Christmas knits are done! The main body is in process now and it is basically the same lace pattern until I cast off, I think. I am getting ready to cast on a a free Pickles hat pattern called "From Norway with Love" but I will need to swatch carefully because the pattern is written for a different weight of yarn than what I plan to use. Has anyone reading this knit that pattern before? If so I'd love to see pictures on ravelry of yours! I have wanted to make it for quite some time now! One of my 2016 knitting goals is to make at least three Fair Isle/color work projects so I'll jump right in on that soon. 

I received the "Sweetiepie ABCs sampler" for cross-stitch from my parents for Christmas and I have already begun! I love Alicia's...everything (! So it is a treat to neatly stitch each little piece of this sampler. Cross-stitch is wonderful and provides something different for my soul than knitting, perhaps because it is purely ornamental!

I have finished my Christmas advent devotional and returned to The Wolf King and the Throne Warden by Andrew Peterson. I read Hyperbole and a Half by Allie Brosch last week as well and enjoyed it as much as I enjoy her blog by the same title. Next week I hope to post my booklist plan for the new year, something new I'm trying! I finished 28 books this past year which is pretty good for me, more than two each month! I am proud of that number. Eight of those were audiobooks which is a good way I am finding to be able to get some more books into my life.
Happy pre-New Year my friends!! 
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  1. Merry Christmastime to you dear Sarah!
    I love visiting with Alicia too, she is such a sweetheart. I hope you continue to post your progress on your sampler.
    28 books is really good, especially as you have young ones in the house, good for you :)

  2. the blogger app is not good. I cycle between the app and on safari through the browser. Most of the times, I write a draft from home then publish while on the road. So you're not missing something, it's them. Yay for getting that sample for a present, so awesome. Happy new years!!

    1. The blogger app for my android phone was terrible and I had some small hope the iphone app would be better but I think it's worse! I usually try to post from my laptop but didn't have it available at the time I was working on the post - now I know I just need to! Aw well!

  3. Happy New Year! Love your lace knitting!

  4. Beautiful lace Knitting! I haven't done any stranded work for a while. Perhaps I should put that on my wish list for 2016 also. I have thought about getting one of Alicia samplers, but the older I get the worse my eyesight is. I haven't cross stitched for several years now because of that. I do love Alicia's blog too. I think that comes with having a daughter who lived in Portland for many years and I spent a lot of time there. Many of her pictures look familiar to me.
    Blessings, Betsy

  5. I'm glad you are getting to knit for yourself again now that the holidays are over. I picked up a couple of cross stitch projects for next Christmas. I haven't done it in years so I'm hoping my eyes are still up for the challenge. I can't wait to see more Christmas pictures of the girls. I bet they had a great Christmas! Have a happy and healthy new year Sarah.

  6. I have a sampler from her to but mine is still in the wrapping.....seeing yours is motivating me to take it out!! Lovely projects!! Happy New Year!!!

  7. I love cross stitch. Every holidays I get out an Amish sampler I am working on and get some more stitches done - should be finished in about 2025! I will love to see your progress. Love the grey yarn. Fair Isle sounds wonderful - look forward to seeing them too!

  8. That's a lot of reading! I am hoping to do more reading in the new year myself and am hoping to start with Jambusters. Happy new year!

  9. Your hitofude seems to be coming along nicely. I will finally cast on mine when I return home on Saturday. Happy New year.

  10. I tried the blogger app before Christmas and while I managed links I couldn't move the photos into the text. Loving the look of your hitofude.