Monday, January 04, 2016

glimpses in cold



It is the close of a really long and wearing day.  One of those days when just nothing seems to go right and everything takes too long and then some bigger problems like a fried computer (Jesse's) and water poured right in snow boots (mine) just before going out sledding.  Lost keys.  Backup dinner plans.  A little balking hard at obedience habit, her will so strong but unruly. 

But it was a good day, too.  A couple days ago I received the sweetest snail mail note from someone who reads my blog and it keeps making me smile.  I am hoping I have time tomorrow to send something back in the mail but in the meantime, you know who you are!   :)

We also were invited to some new friends' home the other day for lunch and sledding.  This kind of thing doesn't happen as often since we moved here as it used to back in our hometown and any time I get a chance of fellowship and time for our kids to be with other sweet kids (and these kids are so super sweet!) I feel so blessed, like a reminder even that God Himself really is with me and caring for my heart's needs too.  The first picture is of their view from their property, isn't it gorgeous?

I took down all of our Christmas decorations but instead of thinking about that I decided to call it "redecorating" so that rather than thinking about the absence of my favorites, I would focus on "shopping the house" for any blue, green, white and silver options I could incorporate into my January decor.  The result is peaceful and clean without feeling too sparse to me. 

I have spent some time this past week moving quietly into preparations for our little homeschool to start back up.  We are a bit out of sorts with the lack of routine and Lyddie is doing a happy dance whenever she thinks about the fact that school is starting again so I must not be messing up too badly for kindergarten!  How, though, can one mess up reading good literature, which is about 85% of what our school time is?  I am adding in some "picture talk" (very simple art appreciation) and listening time to a folk song and a selection of classical songs to go along with the "Riches" of nature walk/study and handiwork we were already doing.  I aim to be more consistent about that handiwork - knitting for Lyddie, cross-stitch for Millie.  Millie especially begs to do cross-stitch more often and yet it is basically hand-over-hand at this point and I don't always make the time.  I think I will also pull out the lacing cards more often for her and show her how it is good practice for hand stitching!

It is cold here, crystalline and shivery.  I am already anticipating the warmth and comfort of the soft fleece sheets and layers of wool and down that I'm about to crawl under next to my sleeping husband.  I hope you stay warm and cozy where you are, friends.  Maybe tomorrow I will finally get to sharing my 2016 reading plan!


  1. I like the way you referred to taking the Christmas decorations down as redecorating. I need to adopt that into my attitude. I did that yesterday and now the house looks rather barren to me. It's cold here too in Spokane, but a bit warmer than the past few days. I hope you have a lovely one today. Blessings, Betsy

  2. Yes, the house looks a bit barren to me after taking the tree down, especially since I have not really decorated since moving in to our new house.

    And yay for returning to routine! We started school back up today after a three week break; it was good. Of course, how could reading Thornton Burgess all piled on the couch be bad? :)