Tuesday, March 08, 2016



I have been impatiently waiting for results from some testing of my thyroid after it was enlarged at my physical two weeks ago.  Bloodwork came back normal but we did an ultrasound last week to rule out any other cause for concern.  Today I got word that there is cause for concern as a mass was identified by the ultrasound, which ended up being not too surprising to me after all.  I really don't know any more than that as I wait for the endocrinologist to call to schedule and I refuse to look anything up yet.  I have hope that it is completely benign, maybe even just a cyst or something but who knows but God?
Whate'er my God ordains is right - it rings and resounds in my head as I cling to His promise to walk with me whether there is good news or bad news.  I have been surrounded with love and support and thankful beyond measure for those who are praying for me. I was thankful my parents were scheduled to come for a visit this past weekend as I waited to hear from my doctor, and the girls had great fun for the whole week before planning and preparing the "Fire Flip Circus" which you can see above included perhaps the main attraction of "Free Candy."  Also included were fancy swing twists and moves, somersaults across the lawn, hula hoop tricks, and other dance moves. I take it back; the main attraction were the three adorable little girls delighting us with their performances.  


  1. Oh Sarah, saying a special prayer for you. I have Graves Disease, and then passed it along to 4 of my babies so I know all about trips to the Endocrinologist. Just know that this field has come a very long way and you are in good hands.
    Much love.

  2. I will put you on my prayer list right now!!! Hang in there, and wait til you get all the info. You are much loved and we will be thinking of you!

  3. Oh, Sarah. :( Praying for you. He is good and does ordain good things - whatever they may be.