Thursday, April 14, 2016


Top:  Point Defiance Zoo; the tiger paced back and forth in front of my girls for a long time.  Incredibly beautiful.

The rest: a short ferry ride across the Puget Sound to get back to Seattle.  I miss the water living here - rivers and irrigation ditches are lovely in their own ways, but are just not the same - so I always appreciate a chance to be near big bodies of water when we head over the mountains.  

I am reading The Tanglewoods' Secret by Patricia St. John and the simple and very personal way a relationship with Jesus is described makes me excited to give this book to Lyddie when I think it's time (it may be time, I will decide after finishing it, but I think it will be better a wee bit on still).  We talk about Jesus so much in our house and, I think, in a very personal way and full of grace and mercy but St. John's descriptions are so simple and uncluttered and are pressing me into a new way to share about Him with my daughters in hopes that they too will have a very experiential relationship with Jesus now or at least in His time.  If you are a mom (or aren't a mom, really) and haven't read anything by St. John to yourself or with your kids, I really recommend it.  I read one last year in the original language and I could only find a modernized version of this book through our library.  I do miss the beauty of the original language so I need to find another copy, but really, the modernization isn't horrendous and seems fairly  natural so it's not the worst thing in the world if I can't.  

I really must get going on our garden but I have been slowly catching up with life this week and can't seem to get my feet under me.  Tomorrow I expect things to be slower and maybe by Friday I will be able to put in a few more seeds. Birthday weeks are fast approaching and so my feet will likely fly right back out from under me with three birthdays in our family over as many weeks...

I hope the spring is beautiful for you whether it's warm or cool still. Are you putting in a garden?  What's your favorite thing to plant?  One of my favorite things to grow is tomatoes but it's too cold still to put those in the ground!


  1. I love Patricia St. John's books. My mom just read Tanglewood Secret to my kids, and now she's reading them Treasures of the Snow.

    Sadly, I don't think there will be a garden this year. There is no garden at our new house, and I haven't been too motivated to ask Aaron to get one ready since I will be so big this summer, and then will have a baby. Maybe we'll get a space ready sometime this summer and I can plant garlic in the fall!

  2. I remember my mum reading some Patricia St. John books to me when I was a girl. If I remember correctly, one of her books is "Treasures of the Snow". I should probably pull the few books I have of hers out and read them to my daughter.

  3. TONS and TONS of gardening going on here! Which reminds me to track down basil after work...

    Love the ferry pics. Good times.