Wednesday, May 18, 2016



The days are not lazy here at all, though I wish they were.  Here and there, we bounce from one thing to the next all day right now and I am looking forward to the long days of summer arriving soon. That might be a first for me to say since moving here four years ago because the summers are my loneliest time here, and I have usually felt a measure of anxiety about that but not this year for some reason.  I'm so glad and thankful that I am able to just feel anticipation for good things coming this summer, even if I have no idea yet what those things will be.  I think I am a bit less lonely these days as my dear girls get older; they are no replacement for my friendships with other women but those friendships would also be no replacement for a quiet blooming friendship with one's daughters.

If there has been any knitting time, I have mostly been knitting the little cotton cardigan for Millie and I am certain I will run short of yarn, as I suspected I  might, and will have to order another skein.  On days where there is a little extra knitting time I can squeeze in, I've cast on some little secret knitting in gray too.  And on Monday when our family observes Sabbath rest, I began embroidering kitchen towels from Alicia's free patterns - oh they are adorable and my little country kitchen would be a perfect place for them!  I am going to stitch each one in a different color.  It felt like such a luxury to spend time just lingering over setting up that project in the midst of a busy time, setting aside the "shoulds" for awhile and being quiet.

I am often now dreaming of projects, dreaming of sewing clothes for myself that would turn out perfect and darling (not much chance of that) and dreaming of little items to add to my girls' wardrobe - cropped little pants for Lyddie with thrifted chambray, soft and cool summer nightgowns, sundresses.  Sort of simple dreams and I'm not sure why suddenly they are so present in my mind but I'm waiting for moments to make them real and those moments haven't come yet but I'm not worried.  

I had the privilege this month of leading a sewing workshop with a few of the girls who come to Kingdom Kids, the elementary after school program that my husband directs.  It was such a delight working with girls who had never sewn anything in their lives, a few of whom had never really had any exposure to someone sewing with a machine or maybe even much by hand.  They were effusive in their excitement, especially over their finished pillows.  They learned several skills:  how to make knots in thread, thread a needle, sew buttons, work a sewing machine to make straight seam, how to construct and stuff a pillow and use a whipstitch to close the opening.  I sent them home with a little sewing kit that I had put together - scissors, needle, threads, a needle keeper, pins, and an extra length of fabric.  They left already planning  aloud what they were going to do with those supplies once they got home.  It was a true delight and as all Makers know, a joy to draw another soul into the happiness of Making. 

I have just finished 100 Cupboards by N.D Wilson and am waiting for the second book to arrive at the library for me to pick up.  It was excellent and so creepy that I couldn't read it when we were camping or right before bed!  

I am now reading Sabina Wurmbrand's book The Pastor's Wife, her autobiography of being arrested and taken from her 10 year old son and sent to a labor camp during Communist rule in Romania -for at least 15 years I think (I haven't finished it yet)!   She was arrested because she was wife to a prominent and faithful Christian Jew who pastored a church in Romania.  He also spent years in prison and was tortured for his faith- he wrote a book called Tortured for Christ which Jesse ready years ago.  Not exactly an easy book to read (either one) and yet really encouraging, challenging, and convicting  as a call toward contentment in whatever circumstances I am in, not just because "it could be worse" but also because ultimately it will all be better than we can dream for those of us who trust Christ and his atonement.  Later in life they co-founded the organization Voice of the Martyrs, which you may have heard of. 

Also reading:
**Raymie Nightingale by Kate DiCamillo
**The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas which I am listening to on the CraftLit podcast
**Several Hank the Cowdog audiobooks by John R. Erickson with the girls in the car- a treasured time for us that makes all the driving time enjoyable!  If you have kids and haven't listened to the author reading these books himself, you really need to see if you can find some of them at your local library! 

I am joining Yarn Along fun over at Ginny's blog.  You can too if you have an instagram account or blog!


  1. I love the color of Millie's cardigan! I hope you will have more time for crafting this week!

    1. Thank you! It's so different from the neutrals you are using right now but I love the color too!

  2. Thanks for the audiobook tip. I have been looking for a good one for kids actually. Would work for a three year old, or too young! Lovely photos my dear.

    1. It might be a bit over a three year olds head but they would probably still enjoy it- my three year old sits and listens but I'm not sure how much she is getting, although my five and six year olds think it's hilarious.

  3. We had a lazy day here yesterday. Only because it was raining for the third day in a row!

  4. beautiful cardigan!! Why were the summers lonely before? I am not a fan of summer but we have unusually cool weather for May so I'm quite happy :) Give me chilly weather anytime and I'm a happy gal!

  5. I have read your blog different times over the past while, and I always enjoy your posts.
    I love the sewing class idea, as well as the sweet kits you made up.
    Loneliness is hard... And I pray you will find a kindred spirit who will help ease that, even as you enjoy the growing relationships with your children. I think other mom-friends... Or just simply someone who understands me and that I can curl up with my knitting and coffee and chat with is so very essential.