Saturday, May 07, 2016



Dear Rosie,
How can you be three already?  When did we leave the true baby stage behind and move into the preschool years?  
You have your whole family laughing so much of the time.  Like last night when you just made curious faces at us each in turn at the dinner table and then laughed hysterically when your silly glances made us laugh - and then we couldn't help but laugh harder at your infectious laughter.  This is my Rosie. 

Dear one, your little scraped knees this week are a sign of how you are so determined to take on so much of life, to keep up with those big sisters.  You are such a brave climber and I love watching you nurture your baby dolls so tenderly.  I am amazed at how long you can entertain yourself with almost nothing.  You are still content to be near me more hours of the day than not, and I am so glad for that because I know how soon you will be more determined to pave your own way away from me. 

Your arrival changed my whole world; one would think that a third baby might just settle into the family with only a few ripples but not so with you!  Your birth brought the rockiest and most raw and beautiful time of my life along with you.  You were such a light and joy to me when I was walking in the darkness.  I was and ever am so thankful for you, for your health and safe delivery into my arms that day. 

I pray for you, my love.  I so hope that you will walk in the light of Christ all your days.  If all I manage to teach you is of your need for Him and how to repent, I will be content, knowing He will take care of all the rest.  Although, there is much more I will hope I get to teach you.  Before you know it you really will be reading and riding a bicycle and reciting Psalms, and swimming, not just "when you growm-mup" like you often say, but in a few short years.  We have so much joy ahead of us, my darling, and I look forward to the moments I have with you. I love you, my big three year old. 

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  1. happy birthday to your sweet adorable little girl who is not so little :)