Wednesday, June 08, 2016

now are the days


Now are the days that we live in our swimsuits.  That we live among the raspberry brambles with scratched arms and pink juice-smeared lips, and smile at pea blossoms, and burgeoning lettuces, waiting impatiently for yellow buds of melons and cucumbers.  

Now are the days of late dinners and late bedtimes.  Of trundling into the car every afternoon to play in the nearly-unbearable heat with children of our community, of hugs and smiles and happy reunitings and love in the name of the One who sends us.  Now are the days when the readers read for hours curled up with a good book, outdoors in the shade or indoors on the floor in the cool of the house.  

Now are the days to knit with cotton, row by row in a circle for a sleeve, wondering if there will be a time of cool evenings to come soon when it might adorn a little girl or if it will need to be put aside until the fall months.  Now is the time to steal minutes here and there to read in the early afternoon, propping chin on hand while sprawled before the fan, delighting in story escape that makes the real of life more beautiful. 

There is a season for everything.  Happy June, my friends.  

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  1. Slow summer days are for memory making and your's sound just perfect!

  2. happy june to you!!! you've summed up June in all it's glory perfectly :)

  3. Happy times, Happy memories, Slow days...
    love you honey--wish I could just pop over for a visit with my girlies!

    1. Forgot to add, I just purchased 100 cupboards for my Kindle this morning!

  4. Yes! This! It is awesome to have such slow days on the horizon - at least I am hoping hey are slow. Everything seems to be moving at warp speed recently!

  5. I wish cotton didn't kill my hands...I need to try it in a blend that perhaps will have a stretch. Meanwhile, I am loving summer!