Wednesday, June 22, 2016

simple june yarn along

If you can't tell from the photo above, I'm deep into Charlotte Mason's philosophy of education.  It feels... right.  Beautiful.  Like the way all education should be. So as I'm nearing the end of Charlotte Mason Companion by Karen Andreola, I picked up For the Children's Sake by Susan Schaeffer Macauley and now I'm feeling appropriately jazzed about school next year.  YES!  Fist pump!  In seriousness, I think Charlotte Mason's ideas can be applied in one's family regardless of the kind of education your child experiences - even if they attend school. Because Charlotte Mason viewed the child as a whole person - not one to merely be molded and shaped into what the adult wants them to be- all of learning is approached with respect for the child's mind and inquisitiveness, and even the structure of the day and thorough but gentle material presentation reflects that.  That's all I'll say; I could write dozens of posts about how I feel about and apply Charlotte Mason's ideas in our home.  Maybe someday I will.  

I'm knitting Starshower.  It's wonderful.  I also have a Double Bump dishcloth that I pull out during our daily swimming lessons right now, one of my go-to dishcloth patterns.  Not too much crafting happening since my time is divided between so many things.

I'm zipping through The Boys in the Boat which is fascinating, especially since it take place at my alma mater, the University of Washington.  Although I don't often turn to biographies, I am enjoying this one about the UW crew team in the 1930s who went on to win the Olympic gold in Berlin.  It's quite good.  On top of all that, I'm doing my best to get to The Chestnut King to finish the 100 Cupboards series but I am hardly able to find time, so I suspect I will have to renew and then re-renew that one.  And last but not least, I'm listening to The Count of Monte Cristo on the CraftLit podcast.  

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  1. gorgeous cowl on the needles!! love your yarn as well :) I wish I was reading as much as you are.

  2. The books sound amazing! I loved Julie's (from Knitted Bliss) Starshower - it is a gorgeous cowl! Looking forward to seeing your version!

  3. I give you kudos for working with Charlotte Mason. I's love to hear more about how it works out. I found myself a bit overwhelmed with it personally.