Tuesday, July 05, 2016


July is here.  Library trips are followed by lolling about the living room with new books. Splashing in the pool is followed by stretching in the sun on a towel to dry off.  We are so thankful for good friends to spend time with, and I especially love watching Lyddie and her best friend get some extra time to play together.  This year there is a day camp at church for elementary aged kids and Lyddie is attending.  I am quietly encouraging her continually to look up and out.  I know that the children at church will be her peer group as she grows and I pray for meaningful and special friendships especially with some of the little girls her age.  I was happy to see a few little faces at church today that I have been nudging her toward, but ultimately even those friendships are in the Lord's hands. I know He has good plans for my little girls and I can trust Him to work in their lives.

I am spending a little time every day perusing some of the school books we will use next year.  Right Start math, Spell to Write and Read, Spanish with Miss Mason and Francois... all things that take a bit of prep and study up front on my part but I think I will like them all. It's getting exciting!  First grade!  It's coming up fast! 

July.  More than halfway through 2016.  It seems hardly possible.  I hope you are having a beautiful month, my friends.  I am happy at Kids Club every afternoon this week pulling children into my lap or digging in a sandbox or splashing in a bubble bin with the littlest ones who stay there the whole time.  Almost sixty children showed up today to play, learn a Bible story, have a snack, and sing songs.  So many of them are dear to me and I am praying for great movement by the Spirit in the neighborhood where we spend so many summer hours.  

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