Wednesday, October 19, 2016

crazy october

Pardon the fuzzy iPhone photos, I haven't even pulled up camera photos to glance over this week and I spent my usual time writing up a good blog post folding laundry instead - and then cross-stitching because I just so needed some slow quiet repetitive movement while watching Pride and Prejudice  (swoon).

We are taking this week off from school; I really like a six weeks on, one week off system. By week seven I always feel I am in need of a reset, a reevaluation of what's going well and what needs to change and a week to focus on habits that have slipped in the busy days. I guess it's another iteration of sabbath, though I didn't originally choose the seventh week for that reason.  This week I am focusing on planning the rest of our school term (6 more weeks) and packing. Our closing date for selling our house is "on or before November 15." Which means- get a move on. Eek.

I am knitting the button band of  my oatmeal sweater.  I love Carrie Bostick Hoge's patterns but this one has you knit the sleeves flat and then seam so I have to seam up a bunch of stuff at the end when I wish I had just knit them in the round.  Oh well, at least they're already attached to the sweater at the shoulder.  I cast on a chunky fast orange hat to go with Millie's pumpkin costume with some Wool Ease super bulky I had in my stash (read: fast). I really wanted to knit Lisa's adorable pumpkin hat pattern but didn't have the yarn or time to get it done this year. The bulky yarn hurts my hands and wrist, though, so I look forward to having it done. I'm deciding how add a green stem at the top, maybe an icord pulled tight to make it curly? Suggestions welcome!

I'm still really enthralled by Rebecca by du Maurier. It's such a psychological trip!  Not much time for any other reading.

I have set my mind toward living in a tiny space for awhile and focusing on feeling grateful for God's provision of a temporary place to live in our friends' little guest house while we wait for something to come on the market that we want to buy.  Most of our possessions are going into storage and I am taking only what must come with us. I want to make it a place that is home, however short or long we live there but I know that in such tight quarters the inevitable clutter will make me crazy.  I'm struggling to envision ahead of time what can or must be done to keep it tidy and also pretty and welcoming at the same time. Maybe it will come to me as we live there.  Hopefully my knitting and cross-stitching will be a little comfort.

Joining with Ginny's Yarn Along. Happy knitting, friends.


  1. I-cord on the top of the pumpkin hat sounds good to me! You could put a knot in it. Search for the "umbilical cord" hat on Rav.

  2. Loving your pop of pink on that sweater and your stitchery projects! I really need to start my needlepoint back up again ... also loving the glimpses of home in your pictures! I grew up in eastern WA. :-)

  3. Bulky yarn makes my hands and wrist ache also. Hence the reason I taught myself how to knit Portuguese style. No more aches! I am sureyou will make your small house feel very homey.

  4. have fun on your break and my, look at that photo of you and the girls!! beautiful! I can't knit with bulky it annoys my hands too much.

  5. Oh my, the pumpkin hat pattern is just way too adorable!!! have fun during your off week!